J Kidd

J Kidd

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip Hop

Reknowned Detroit lyricist..J Kidd is an versatile as they come
He can be a street gangsta,to singing r&b like the best and make a club banger all on one album.He founded "Woof Pac"and is currently focusing on solo as well as duo "Block World" with Hostyle.


Jason aka J Kidd is no stranger to the music buisness,he can put together a mixtape in a day that sounds like a finished LP, he is a triple threat.
He may not have a major deal but has already been in the game of hip hop since 1995 when he attended and rapped at the "Hip Hop Shop" (premise of 8 Mile movie battles), he then became a regular at "Lush Lounge" where he was awarded a plaque as a Lush Legend, he then took part in freestyle showcases at Alvin's and various other venues.

In 2003 he formed the group Woof Pac along with Moe Dirdee and Hostyle. The trio saw great local success as well as some recognition on BET,national dvd releases and the Beef DVD series which still runs on BET currently.
In 2006 they were signed to Proof of D12 's label Iron Fist,they were featured on his nationwide mixtape/lp "Hand 2 Hand" which featured 3 Woof Pac songs..and were the first signed group to be slotted for an LP release and european tour, 3 months in before their album was released the CEO was killed.

After a breif hiatus, they continued to release solo and duo mixtapes and tour the battle circuit..in 2007 they released a local LP "Wild Boyz" which sold well in Detroit without major distribution

Throughout the career with Woof Pac, Jason has opened for
Wu Tang Clan, KRS 1, Young Jeezy, Fat Joe, Trina, Rakim, T.I. T.I., Rick Ross & DJ Quik, as well as performed with King Gordy, Paradime, Fat Killahz, Purple Gang and various local Detroit fame artists

Woof Pac performed as the last act ever and headlined on closing night at the State Theater before it was changed to "The Fillmore"

Woof Pac as a trio is currently on hiatus to focus on solo projects and J Kidd is currently recording his solo album (hopefully as a national release), as well as a new duo mixtape with Hostyle (as Block World).

The moment you hear J Kidd's vocals and raw perfect delivery,you know you are hearing a voice that is not ordinary or to be passed,this time around he's ready to show what he's learned and mastered in his career thus far, he wants to make Proof proud and show fans of Hip Hop that the songs they hear on the radio and in mainstream media are not the only kind worth getting a buzz.

Real rap fans can't deny his talent, and if Jason has a say they won't


Addicted To It

Written By: J Kidd & Hostyle


Listen, sorry Niggaz i done came up, i flame up in the cocaine truck
ya'll niggaz shinin but ya'll ain't us
Im in the rain posted up with the thing tucked
Hand to hand exchange, hit the club, make it rain, what?
Never do business wit a nigga that i can't trust
Which means every nigga in my same circle got the same blood
Same last name, we a hundred percent, im connected for real, you ain't fuckin wit this
Cotton mouth, blunts of 5th,quench my thirst, give me something to sip, get money if i fuck with a bitch
Post her craigslist,end call suckin some dick, cash out a week later i got something to flip
Ass out or fuck your ears if you comin to diss, no homo, but over the mail i go postal..shit
I get it poppin like spark plugs, we all thug, only clique, a hundred whips, deep, no car club
And im in the crazy horse at the bar buzzed, wit a chick sayin she want me to beat inside her like her heart does
Anyway got it all day, i don't wanna talk to you, when i put you on, stand there, all the fiends'll walk to you
In real life this is real ice, i give you a dollar so you can see what gettin money feels like this
But if you hate, from here on out, watch what come from out your mouth
Cause i done came into my own like i just walked into my house

*Kav with J in parenthesis

I got money in the closet(money), money on my mind (money)
Imma get money on the grind
cause im (addicted to it) addicted to it
(Addicted to it) Addicted to

*J with Kav in parenthesis

Whopper knot in my pocket, hoes on my line
Colt 45 works every time, nigga im
(Addicted to it) addicted to it
(Addicted to it) addicted to it


You niggaz ain't near cold, ya'll some weirdos
Catch stizzle on the block hanging like earlobes
I got guns and ganja im a rough piranha
The name's fuck you the last name's fuck yo mama
You can't see me kinda, that's all kinds a drama
I got the white girl, call me if you like Madonna
Fuckin fruit, you as straight as the number 2
I air him out like the bathroom when i number 2
Fake hustlers,i hope im offendin ya'll
Only thing you push is the car when the engine stall
I been this hard, I need a Benz thats hard
Wit chrome wheels like im ridin on ninja stars
Before heater's spittin', you need to listen
Imma a G ,you the family guy, Peter Griffin
You gon' wake up makin breakfast in jesus kitchen
I take you on a boat ride, nigga we ain't fishin
Nigga we ain't kiddin', Imma pimp
I got your mama on her knees every sunday,and she ain't christian
Who said you hard? Yo crew said you hard
I do you like a used car, leave you needin' new parts
Catch you at white castle like Harold and Kumar
Then i let the gun barrel flash like cue cards
Drummer,i mighta went to far, but we will shut niggaz down like the Zoo Bar

*J with Kav in parenthesis

Whopper knot in my pocket,(whopper knots) hoes on my line
Colt 45 works every time, nigga im
(Addicted to it) addicted to it
(Addicted to it) addicted to it

*Kav with J in parenthesis

I got money in the closet, money on my mind
Imma get money on the grind
cause im (addicted to it) addicted to it
(Addicted to it) Addicted to



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"Who Got Styles?" was released as a single in 2003 and had a video shot for it in Downtown Detroit

"Capital G" was played on WJLB in Detroit regularly and other local Detroit stations and was up for Song Of The Year at the 2006 "Detroit Hip Hop Awards"


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"Detroit Rock City Magazine" 2006- cover feature on Iron Fist Roster w'ith "Hand 2 Hand" Review

Featured along Supa Emcee in a article written by Eric Graham
for The Detroiter.com online magazine and blog

Was interviewed as "Woof Pac" by Creole for DetroitRap.com
and was published on website and on other message boards

Set List

Solo tracks or ft. Cherch
"Tha Future"
"Jackie Moon"
"So Sexy"
"Drumset freestyle"
"Down That Road"

Block World Set songs

"Addicted To It"
"These Streets"
"So Fresh So Clean"
"Stack Mission"
"Bossin Up"
"What i Look Like"
"Whats In It For Me"