McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA
SoloHip HopSinger/Songwriter

A Pittsburgh Artist who focuses on bringing emotion back into hip-hop, and urban music in general. I focus on music for every emotion, basing it all off of my life occurrences, in turn creating music for those who can relate.


Coming from a city that used to thrive off of the Steel Mill industry, JKJ hails from McKeesport, Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh. Eldest Son of two teenage parents, he was always raised to be a free thinker and a leader in all that he does. In 2003, while just entering 7th grade, JkJ (Who went by Maddogg at the time) formed a rap group with his friend and neighbor G Money, under the name 'MadMoney Ent.' The group started recording on his porch, with a tape recorder and any instrumentals they could find online.
Mad Money would eventually disband in 2006, this is around the time that he met Rellsy and Scoot, from Street Profit, who are currently under the Wonder HitZ imprint with him today. They continued to make music together until J's hiatus from music from 2009- 2010.
In 2009 J met one of his current producers and best friends, T.Groove (from Sicklerville,NJ) while attending college in Western Pennsylvania. The two made plans and together in Fall 2010 they released a mixtape entirely produced by T.Groove, to reveal J's first official project after his hiatus. The project did surprisingly well, and also spawned a new music friendship with Palermo Stone from R.A.R.E. Nation (formerly of Most Dope).
After featuring Palermo on his mixtape, and having conversations with him on music, Palermo Inspired J to take music serious when he revealed to him the potential he saw in his material and growth. The two came together to create a mixtape series, titled 'Hey Young World' (2011), and 'Hey Young World 2: The Encore (2012).' Since then the two have featured each other on multiple projects and are planning to add a third and final installment early 2014.
While opening for Mac Miller with Palermo in December 2010, J met Leo Xan, a hip-hop artist and creator of the Wonder HitZ Brand. The two did a song together shortly after, and on April 1st, 2011, JkJ joined the Wonder HitZ group, helping to bring in Scoot, T.Groove, and others very shortly after. Under the imprint J would release 6 projects, totalling 3 mix tapes ('V.O.A.P.C." June 2011, #NineOne April 2012, "Compilations of A Lost Soul" December 2012), 1 collaborative mixtape ("Hey Young World 2" w/Palermo), and 2 Albums ("Stewart Street" August 2012, "Positive Aggression" June 2013).
Noted for his work ethic and ability to pump out music consistently, J is also a more positive artist who is inspired by the upbringing he experienced and the environment that he comes from. Describing his style as 'Positive Aggression', J makes it a point to relay the stories and tribulations of his life to promote positivity, even with his deep, emotion filled voice, and his sometimes complex vocabulary. Inspired by his favorite artists (Eminem, 50 cent), JkJ aims to be a high figure in the Hip-Hop industry, aiming to inspire thought provoking and free thinking, while also entertaining, making music for every situation and emotion that a person may experience.


Hey Young World (w/ Palermo Stone) March 2011 (Datpiff)
V.O.A.P.C. July 2011 (Datpiff)
Hey Young World 2 (W/Palermo Stone) January 2012 (Datpiff)
#NineOne April 2012 (Datpiff)
Stewart Street ALBUM August 2012 (wonderhitz.com)
C.O.A.L.S. December 2012 (wonderhitz.com)
Positive Aggression ALBUM June 2013 (iTunes, Amazon etc

JORDAN Mixtape April 2014

Internal Warfare ALBUM May 2015 (iTunes)

FIVE EP (w/Norman Dean) December 2015 (Soundcloud)

JORDAN 2 Hosted By DJ Spillz April 2016 (iTunes)