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J.Klassick (whose real name is Joel Gamble) was raised in Reno, NV and is currently getting ready to unveil himself to the world through his music. The 24 year old singer, songwriter, and choreographer is prepared for what is about to happen – his dreams are about to become reality. As a child, he spent much of his time at his local Baptist Church to avoid any possibilities of becoming part of the street life that Reno had to offer. J.Klassick began his musical career in his Church choir, and found that music & dance were his outlets (and escape) from a city where the youth rarely evolved to pursue their dreams. Throughout his childhood years, he constantly took part in his Mother’s vocal classes, where he quickly learned his vocal strengths and was able to determine how to perfect his musical techniques. The more he worked on his techniques, the more he began writing his own music, and at the age of 12 he won several Statewide poetry competitions.

As a teenager he began to take part in his high school jazz band (where he played the Alto Sax), as well as participated in several school plays. J.Klassick always had an intuition that he would be part of the entertainment world - little did he know that his instinct was not far from becoming true as he continued to study music and arts at full-throttle. Soon enough, his intuition was dead-on and a major turning point in his life occurred when he was finally noticed by the music industry. J.Klassick, along with his R&B group, Rewind (who he had been singing with through his teenage years), were finally scouted by Universal Records’ A&R. Although the label situation did not work out, J.Klassick was not discouraged, and continued his journey to make his dreams a reality. Focused and determined to succeed, J.Klassick enrolled in the Creative Performing Arts Center. While studying vigorously at the Center, he discovered his love and passion for dancing, singing, songwriting, and choreography – this was the point in his life where he made a commitment to himself to perfect all his talents.

When he was 18 he moved to Las Vegas (on his own) to chase his dream. With such strong ambitions and dedication, he decided to take his dance skills to another level. He soon started training under some of the most influential choreographers in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Most of his instructors and mentors were choreographers to such Mega-Stars as, Beyonce, Ginuwine, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, B2K, Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera, just to name a few. After years of working with these astonishing dance professionals, he quickly adapted to the nature of the entertainment business and created opportunities for himself, in which he began to “open” shows for: Marques Houston, George Huff (American Idol), B2K, Ashanti and Cassidy. His formal training over the years was in various styles of Tap, Hip-Hop, and Jazz Funk, which allows his "Street Couture" dance style to stand out from the normal styles of ordinary Hip-Hop dancers. J.Klassick is truly a unique artist – he uses his feet as his brushes and the dance floor as canvas - to create art right before your eyes.

His constant hustle, and back-and-forth commitments in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, eventually allowed him the opportunity to become a choreographer at the World renowned, IDA Hollywood Dance Studio in LA. While perfecting his dance art to become a known choreographer in the LA dance circuit, J.Klassick continued to write songs and melodies (which have yet to be unveiled to the world). His perfected style of writing, in addition to his perfected style of dance, undeniably makes him a showstopper! Take notice to his moves and take a listen to his music. This is just the beginning of his dream…..