J-Kronic/ Jacque Dixon

J-Kronic/ Jacque Dixon

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J-Kronic owns an innovative, feminine hip-hop sound that is like no other. Her skilled lyricism paired with her intense rhyme patterns grab your attention instantly. Covering topics from growing up in the streets, to the club scene to politics, she connects with listeners from all walks of life.


With the combination of her lyrical skills and unique tone, J-Kronic creates an innovative, feminine, hip-hop sound rapidly gaining respect in the Northwest. This young songstress unites battling lyrics, with an occasional twist of R&B, producing her personal, yet crowd pleasing cuts. Her trials and tribulations on the streets paired with her passion for hip-hop inspired J-Kronic to begin writing and emceeing. On her own at the age of sixteen, this strong-minded emcee was forced to fend for herself. In sharing her life experiences through rhyme, she aims to heighten the awareness of listeners surrounding the issues of urban centered youth while keeping their heads bobbing.

She has opened up for artists including Afroman, 2 Live Crew, the Alkohliks and Cool Nutz.
J-Kron began recording and performing songs in Portland clubs in 2002. Over the past five years, J-Kronic has built up her fanbase by performing at community events, playing numerous clubs in Oregon, Washington, Las Vegas and the California Bay area, hitting up any open mike she can get her hands on. J-Kronic has been a performer at Northwest legendary events like the annual Musicfest NW and Po-Hop. Most recently, her music was featured on an internationally distributed, all female mix cd, “The X-Chromosome: International Domination.” Her music is also included in the “Licks n Tricks” Lowrider video released in December 2005. Featured on the UNSED mix tapes, “80 Minutes of Filth,” and two albums from Trash Heap, J-Kronic’s hyped tracks are being heard all over the Northwest. Whether she’s shining on stage or recording in the booth, J-Kron devotes her heart and soul to her music.

In 2004, J-Kronic was awarded the honor of “Best Female Hip-Hop Artist” at the New York International Music Festival. In June of 2005 she performed in VOTE (Variety of Talent and Entertainers), a Las Vegas selective showcasing of up and coming artists across the United States. In July 2005, she was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award by poetry.com and the Internal Library of Poetry for outstanding achievement in poetry. J-Kronic’s latest success is landing a lead role in the Street2Studios musical, “Life!” J-Kronic performed five of her original songs in this urban, neo-soul, theatrical production presented in San Francisco and Oakland, California in September 2005.

In 2003 her hit single “I Won’t Stop” was “jammed” or voted into rotation by radio listeners of Jammin’ 95.5. J-Kron also has experience hosting her own hip-hop radio show on University of Portland’s radio station KDUP1580 available wordwide via the internet.

In addition to being a dedicated performer and songwriter, J-Kronic is also engaged in other aspects of the entertainment industry. She has acted in commercials for major companies including like Sprite, Comcast and Intel. Modeling for companies including Farouk and Alterna, J-Kronic is also gaining experience. J-Kronic has received studio training in hip-hop, modern, ballet and jazz dance and choreographed for a local dance team as well.
J-Kron has successfully met her personal goals due to her determination, raw talent and dedication. Possessing the total package, J-Kronic’s confident that she has what it takes to reach her goal of a recording contract in the near future. For the latest news on J-Kronic, check out:
www.j-kronic.com and www.myspace.com/jkronic.com.


“The X-Chromosome: International Domination" (Dec 2005) is a mixtape that features J-Kronic's single, "I'm That Birch."

Her music is also included in the “Licks n Tricks” Lowrider video released in December 2005.

Trafek's "Rush Hour" LP (2006) features J-Kronic.

"I Won't Stop" (2004) was "jammed" by radio listeners and receives airplay on Jammin 95.5's Underground/ Hood Radio hosted by Starchile.

Trash Heap's "Pick of Da Lit" LP (2004) features J-Kronic on "How You Rock."

UNSED Mixtape: "80 Minutes of Filth" (2004) Features J-Kronic on many tracks.

J-Kronic's self entitled LP is available on a promotional basis, but has not been officially released yet.

Set List

1 Above Average
2 I'm That Bitch
3 Go Head
4 On the Inside
5 I Won't Stop
6 Friday Night
7 On the Grind
8 Trippin on Acid
9 Cutthroat
10 Ill Politics
11 In Your Eyes
12 I Remember You
13 I Thought U Loved Me
14 Stand Up for Life
15 Shake it Off

All songs performed are original. I often ask the dj to throw on some instrumental records and freestyle over industry beats people are familiar with as well.