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Misconscrewed and Twisted Ep (2005)

The New Contenders (2005)

The Circle Of My Life (2006)

Two World’s Collide (2006)

The Truth is Here (2007)

The Circle of My Life Vol. 2 (2008)

Grind Time (2008)



Born in Germany, 24 year old JL, is quickly becoming a top notch American artist. From the rough, troubled, dangerous streets of Germany, he often found himself homeless, hustling for money, working odd jobs, and fighting to keep his head above the water. During this time JL was also working on his craft of rapping and writing music. When he brought this to his family he was met with great opposition and encouraged to do something more productive with his life. Down to nothing except the dream of making it in the music industry, and to break free from the all the doubt and discouragement that was surrounding him, JL left Germany for the United States.

Once in the States, things were still rough, for JL who had nothing but the clothes that he came over here with. Luckily enough, JL had family over here that he got in contact with and would stay with from time to time. Still searching for that golden opportunity to be noticed and acknowledged, JL would go to clubs, record demos, network, and hustle to get his name and product out. Everyday fueled by his inner desire to make it and the disappointment of the lack of faith from those around him, JL refused to let his spirit be broken. From Germany to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Chicago, etc. all this back and forth moving all over the country finally lead him to the Show- Me State of Missouri, where things would begin to change.

Shortly after moving to Springfield, Missouri, JL thought that he got the opportunity that he was looking for. On a chance encounter he was told about an audition at a local studio where a guy wanted to find the best four (4) or (5) artists in the area to bring together and put some money behind them, start a radio show, put them out there, etc. Eager to show what he had to offer and advance his yet unknown career, he went to the audition and impressed. While there he met other artist(s) (JC, Curtis Jones, and other artists) he befriended another artist by the name of Nfamous and they immediately connected. As time went on, when it was time for the project to be finished and be launched, they were told that THEY were not prepared and that the project was over. Only to find out that the person that set all of this up had used them and never paid a penny to anyone, including the engineer, and skated.

Fueled by this, JL, JC, Nfamous, and Curtis Jones Jr. came together to put out a new EP called Misconscrewed and Twised. It was a big success and the start of something new. But due to creative differences they disbanded and went their own ways. JL and Curtis Jones Jr. decided to come together under the name of D.H.C (Diverse Hustlers Committee) and put out music together. During this time they became the most recognized name in Springfield. Garnering a massive following in a short amount of time, they quickly had the media’s attention as well. For the next two years they would go onto open for major artists such as D4L and Young Joc just to name a few. With things going well they decided to add Jason to the group and keep pushing forward. During this time JL showed his hustling skills and desire to get his (their) name and talent out. Easily out selling his label mates, he would be in the streets making money and they would just have their hands out taking money. After several attempts to correct this and make it a fair shake for all, JL decided that he would have to support himself and his family by himself.

A hustler by heart and a caring father by the grace of God, JL is here with his FIRST official album on his own away from the name D.H.C and all that falls under that. With the new album entitled, Grind Time, JL is out to prove that it is just that, Grind Time! Focused on the future and realistic goals, JL is not doing this to get rich, he is doing this to provide a good home for his family, improve the lives of his kids, and give back to the community. Anything other than that is seen as a reward for never stopping and believing in him self when no one else did. JL is a HUSTLER’S PROOF!