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Single 1: Rock Yo Body



Justin Larece Allen A.K.A. J.L.A. is a fresh and new
breath of air to today’s R&B scene. At seventeen, his
unique yet soulful voice is reminiscent to some of our
past time greats such as Marvin Gaye and Luther
Vandross, with a new twist. He describes it as real,
call it what you want, but his style is definitely one of a kind.
JLA mainly grew up listening to jazz artists
such as the Yellow Jackets, Mint Condition, and Duke
Ellington, just to name a few. JLA also got the
opportunity to listen to R&B greats such as Maxwell,
Joe, Luther Vandross, Smokey Robinson, and Stevie
WonderJLA picked up different musical talents such as
playing more then four instruments including,
saxophone, set, piano, and guitar, just to name a few,
and also the ability to write his own music.

I hop on my skateboard everyday knowing that there's a big chance that I'm proly gone get hurt, i might knock my fronts out , i might even break a leg. But it don't even matter to me because i know as soon as as my feet hit that grip tape that this is what i love to do... so hell Irma do it. i enjoy the thought of falling and getting back up, i mean ain't that what life is about. yeah people are going to spectate and judge but through it all I'm gonna be happy at the end of the day. so what they say really doesn't matter to me. and we all know who they is, the hypocritical, self centered people who tell you what u need to be doing and they haven't even done it themselves. But that's neither here or there all I'm saying is if i were to give any advice to the persons who are reading this article or bio or whatever, do you and don't let nobody tell who u are.

I started writing songs when i was about fifteen years old, i had always been a writer you know non stop kudos from my English teachers let me know that much. So when i became aware of my vocal talent i figured writing and singing pretty much go hand and hand. so i began writing my first song, and i remember i couldn't finish the song. I was mentally disable... not like slow but it was almost like self inflicting pain. I couldn't finish my song because i continuously conscious and under the impression that no one would like this song so i procrastinated well i tried and tried again to finish the song but i just couldn't do it. Well a old friend express to me that i need to write what i like and i didn't need to worry about what every body else thought about what i was doing. Sure enough i took her advice and i finished the song. Thats how it all started, i mean wasnt like i had a to live up to any body yeah i had my brother and he is amazing at what he
does he was a prodgey for christ sakes but he was my producer so i created my own way vocally gifted. A gift recived from god
and he created a path for me.

Growing i wasnt the best behaved child, and although i was he worst out of all four of us i was still the youngest so i got spoiled rotton...lol
My family consist of a loving but strong mother, a over protective father,
a sister whos jus like my dad, a brother and sister who just like my mom, and they say i act like my dad so u can only imagine the problems that we incountered. We moved quite a bit i dnt ever remember having a stable home. my dad was a musicain and a truck driver, and my mother started as a home parent and then went on to be a top rated houston hair stylist. clustered with talent my intire family is musically talent. my mother is the seed of me and both my sisters vocal talent, and my father is the seed for me and brothers instrumental talent. growing up in a house where music is like our air iv only had one career choice sense i was little. growing up listening to some of the indutries greatest like sam cook, shadai,maxwell,darnell jones, and joe. so i was bacsically equipt with all the tools that i needed to pursuie the career i was destine for.

althought i am still climing my moutiane i have realized that life is an emotionall rolloer coaster, my family knows first hand how life and pain can break you down to your lowest point. i am fighting my way to the top at this very moment and all i can do is wait tuntil god says its time. whom ever is reading this dont let yourself get uninspired aspire to be great and always operate in abunddance. your life is what you make it. All gods children are ment for greatness so execpt your inheritance...