J Lamour

J Lamour

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I hail from a religious background that sustains me and keeps me grounded. I've been labeled as a well rounded artist because of my ability to capitalize heavily on the skills that I have. I write and rap my own verses along with singing my own hooks and I am always ready to showcase my talent as a lyrical artist. I believe that creating "hits" are genius but in doing so, I am also mindful that there is a thin line where one compromises their lyrical ability and that is a line that I try to stay


Straying away from the common term "rapper", Jonathan Lamour whose stage name is J.Lamour invites his listeners to realize that he is not just a lyrical emcee but a poetic storyteller. Incorporating non-fictional accounts of his life into his music, J.Lamour gives individuals who identify with him the opportunity to understand that they too can prosper after a life of struggle.

Born into a family of talented artists and musicians, it is no question as to why J.lamour became the musician that he is today. His father still plays the piano and organ and his mother is a phenomenal singer(her debut album was a best seller within the French and Haitian community). His uncle is also a sound engineer who has worked with the likes of Busta Rhymes, Wyclef, Dr. Dre, and many more.

"Growing up in church man, that’s where I got my logic up..." the opening line of his highly controversial song, "Religion Got Me Trippin' " speaks on the Queens native’s upbringing. While utilizing his singing talent in church on a weekly basis, J. Lamour began to battle his own demons. Feeling like he couldn't reach out to his church family for help, he decided to leave and handle things on his own. In doing so, J. Lamour truly found God as well as himself. Genuinely enticed with the entire concept of rhythm and poetry,(the authentic meaning of "rap"), he was inspired to pursue his passion again.

As a result of this two-year period of constant struggle and defeat, he successfully created his brand, Money Over Redundant Endeavours (M.O.R.E) and released his highly anticipated mixtape, “I WANT M.O.R.E”, to tell his story.