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The best kept secret in music



Each year a new singer from Motown's song garden makes the foliage turn another unique color. This year Jennifer Edison bloomed her first album called That's Me for the independent imprint Song of Songs. From the first minutes of "Tommorrow's Joy" Jennifer Edison's trail of pensive left brain doodling flows into an independent pop day lorded over by Brian McKnight, Brandy and Des'ree. Her notes blow like the leaves of a willow grounded in bronze pop earth. Edison's voice courts the elements of R & B, hip-hop and rock melody to come up with a debut album that you can tell aspires to reach the massive ear reach of Michael Jackson land.

Jennifer Edison writes from a background that started her singing at seven years old in church like most R & B musicians. Her dad had a group called True Inspirations that logged in several gigs locally. The Edison clan of 11 sang gospel music for mostly community events and television. After the group disbanded she started writing songs with her brother Charles. "We realized that we had a special chemistry and decided to become a production team." Father Raymond Edison, brother Charles Edison and Jennifer became the True Inspiration Productions. That's Me is their first project and Edison is at the helm. Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Brandy and others line her memory with admiration and you can hear her poring through them in blushy tracks that bare the smoother side of urban music.

The Edison's do not produce in the common slick hard digital methods of people like Rodney Jerkins or organic programs of R.Kelly's human voice hitting it over tracks that sound like pure studio. That's Me plays itself out in a semi- acoustic aesthetic that only gets polished up when she's pulling hip-hop beats in "Not This Time" a la Ashanti. "Crying Out" solos a rock guitar that emanates stadium space by the airy production. The youthfulness of groups like B2K and an earlier Destiny's Child are here too but Edison isn't boasting stuff for teens bounce to. Freshness is always a promoter of curiosity and linked to people under 25 however,the lyrics she sings are about a conscious party of self awareness:

When the rain starts falling and the wind starts blowing And it keeps on going and keeps on growing And the sun stops shining And the water's steady rising Coming higher and higher You gotta take some time to analyze your life -"Analyze Your Life"

Words like flowers in pretty realist paintings give up an idea usually reserved for older audiences in typical marketing schemes. And when most urban music is thought of for its ability to provoke an inner search, it is usually connected to the strength to outgrow the bad battles of the street. The great niece of late Supremes founder and singer Florence Ballard lays her music out with a balance that levels any rough play and maintains scrutiny of the self. Heightening emotion of the type heard in "Beauty's" soft gaze summarizes Edison's overall approach; refined R & B with pop projections that stretches into rock. Right now she is preparing for a summer tour that includes playing at the New York Film and Music Festival. Moods will be set right for those who make it to her show because That's Me kept the weeds out of its greenhouse of sound grown with Edison family seeds.

You can check out Jennifer Edison at www.jlemusic.com
- Tamara Harris


JLE Debut Album Entitled "That's Me"
01 Tomorrow's Joy - "The Upper Room with Joe Kelley" WVOF 88.5 FM Fairfield, CT
05 Good Time - "Our Voices" Oranz 87.7 FM Los Angeles, CA Thursdays 7:00-9:30pm
13 I Love You - "Our Voices" Oranz 87.7 FM Los Angeles, CA Thursdays 7:00-9:30pm
Track # 8, 3, 6, 4, selected for movie "Paper Hearts" directed by Andrew Cinclair for A.C. Productions.


Feeling a bit camera shy


JLE, also known as Jennifer Louise Edison, a 22 year old singer/songwriter was born on October 7, 1980 in the Detroit metropolitan area and raised in a suburb just north of Detroit known as Southfield, Michigan where she began singing at an early age. She is the youngest of 4 siblings and comes from a singing family from which her great-aunt, Florence Ballard sang with the Supremes. As a young girl she sang in the church choir where her grandfather was the pastor. She recently began writing lyrics and vocal arrangements to the music of her oldest brother (3 years her senior) Charles, a musician, songwriter, producer and recording engineer. She has also written lyrics and performed vocals for music written by her father, Raymond Edison. Jennifer has demonstrated versatility in her musical style and abilities and insists on positive lyrics and messages in her songs. She is a vital component of the family formed entity called True Inspiration Productions for The Song of Song Records from which her current songs were produced and where Jennifer, her brother Charles and her father Raymond are the principle participants. Her favorite and most influential artists are Brandy, Whitney Houston, Tamia, The Winans and Commissioned. Her music shows the smoother side of R&B with a very modern flare. The album features a unique blend of R&B that embraces smooth ballads, grooving mid-tempos, a few hip hop club bangers and venturing into soft rock.