My music is in a a genre which is very big in the youth now, which is reggaeton, i do have variety with R&B, hip hop, but i do everything. this is my way of preaching and my way of giving God thanks for everything and using my talent for his glory.


My Influences have been artist such as Funky, Triple , Quest, and other Christian artist, but my biggest Influence is God, he influences my lyrics the music i make everything i do is influenced through God. im a solo artist although i do no mind collabs with anyone that is serious about his/ her spiritual life with the lord. because anyone can sing but to minister through your music is different.
Im Puerto Rican and Panamanian, ima pastors son, i have been in church my whole life although i went through the famous rebelious stage the Lord has saved me and brought me back to his kingdom. Im 20 yrs old hungry to spread the word of the lord.


i have a demo out called Soldado de Cristo, it was just the demo version of the actual cd i have coming out now if it is Gods will. Descanso en Ti, No me Quita Na!!, and Agradecimiento have been the more heard and favored singles, being they are the only ones out ther like that.

Set List

3,4 songs depends on the spirit of the Lord and the event.