.J. Life Innertainment
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.J. Life Innertainment

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This band has not uploaded any videos




Made #1 on Reverbnation.com charts "All Genres" and "Hip Hop" within 3 months after setting up the account with over 5 Million in exposures and counting. Featured on 5 Reverbnation Artists Songs. - Reverbnation.com


Single "Chevy's on "23's"



.J. Life Innertainment

We perceive Oklahoma as "The Boomer Sooner State", home of the OU Sooners, which have won 5 of their 6 big 12 championship games. The Spirit of country, blue grass, and jazz music has dominated the state of Oklahoma, although being recognized as a Bible belt state. Oklahoma is the home of The Gap Band, only a few know the actual meaning of G.A.P. which stands for the historical streets on the North Side of Tulsa, OK., Greenwood, Archer, and Pine. Historical events have taken place on these streets, such as the filming of the classic movie The Outsiders and The Black Wall Street Riot. Oklahoma has seen its share of tragedies, from the OKC Bombing, to the almost but never forgotten Trail of Tears of the Cherokee Indians. Oklahoma is also right in the path of Tornado Alley.

The Music of .J. Life Innertainment

You can't help but to focus on the photograph and notice these two come from two different Cultures. Their photograph reflects both cultures creative control thinking, and know that you don't have to abandon your own culture to be with someone of another culture or to try and fit in. Always be true to yourself.

The significance symbolic name ".J. Life Innertainment", meaning the period before having a relationship with GOD, add the J for the unwavering personality of J, and the period after the relationship with GOD, and Innertainment meaning the Inner Being being entertained first. Any music that's creatively grown from this independent label will grow from a well planted seed on good grounds with fresh Midwestern natural country goods. Since the indie label is from the countryside of Tulsa, OK., North Side they may add, country goods are the best produce goods that is tended to and watered frequently. Expect to See way more than meets the Human eyes with this dynamic duo team in business, advertisements, film, music, community service, fragrances, clothing, production and management...Lets just say when the middleman was cut out, He no longer exists! A new label of duo business has emerged and merging all traffic to their fast lane of long Gevity. If I can say one thing about .J. Life Innertainment is ".J. Life Innertainment, The Future, The Present and The Past of Real Music".

is like a F5 tornado, it has its twist and turns and it shifts direction and courses, but after its all said and done, it leaves its mark. .J. Life Innertainment is inspired by the Love and root of Hip Hop, but their music is not attached to just The Hip Hop sound. Their Unique Sound and Lyrics are mind blowing, and they also have a metaphoric style like some of the Great Originators of Hip Hop. .J. Life Innertainment doesn't want their fans to only Love their music, but they also want their fans to feel it, Relate to it, and to receive something from their music that will Influence them in a Positive way. .J. Life Innertainment is not limited to one group of people, their music has a Universal sound for any age group, and culture. .J. Life Entertainment is able to uniquely chameleon into any genre of music with flavor... .J. believes in the Respect of previous musicians...The 1st Hit Single "My Chevy's on "23's" is a contribute to Sir-Mix-A-Lot "My Posses on Broadway" and others including Mc Breed, DJ Quik, T I P and young Dro.