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No1 Else, Smiling Now, Best of Me, Brother like sister



jlitusk's* REAL BIO!
Welcome to the story of a legend in the making, a star awaiting shine. This is the real Biography of jlitusk*.
Born in October 12th, 1987 to an less fortunate family, jlitusk* grew up wit a variety of hardships including major lack of finance and the things that most of us take for granted such as a good meal. As a matter of fact, jlitusk* never could celebrate his birthday cuz his family was always in a financial dispute.. Despite of all these though, he kept his head high and kept his faith in God even stronger.
In the mean time, jlitusk* was developing as a troubled youth who always got in trouble. Times was hard and jlitusk* ended up doing time in and out of juvenile facilities. While incarcerated jlitusk* started to write poems for people who mailed him and people locked up with him. Soon after he was released after the age of 16, jlitusk* was developing a great love for music. He spent more than half of his day just listening to various types of music, especially hip hop music. God provided him with a talent he will remain to use to make fans happy! God also provided him and his family with the oppurtunity to move away from some troubles but jlitusk* still remained in troubled no matter how hard he tried to get out of it. But dispite all that it's here that he fell in love with Hip Hop music and even the culture. In fact he mentioned, "This is all I literary listened to." Influenced by his peers and the society, he started writing little rhymes or better yet, raps. However, even though he spent time writing, it never crossed his mind for him to start recording his music and take it to a professional level.
After several months of writing, he then decided to record some of the material he wrote. After some thorough research on the equipment needed, he finally learned how to record songs through his old computer. But at this time, jlitusk* was not a fully grown Emcee. He even describes his early music as, "pure trash", a statement many of us would not agree with. But he was talking about most of the negativity that is in the rap industry at the moment, which made him less interesting.
As he kept developing his skills as a rapper, jlitusk* was struck with sudden news that would change his life forever. He was facing major jail time because of a lot incidents that happened! He was released from jail out onto bail, which time he spent in jail he relealized it was time to be serious.
jlitusk* took a break for months from his music, mourning his following charges, but also doing some soul searching. This is when he made a decision to transform the material in his music completely. He literary vowed to himself that he will only make music with a positive message. Although some would argue that not all his music is positive, he dedicates most of his time to writing music with an educational experience. jlitusk* got bailed out and from that day forward he put his head in the game and never came out. He has improved lyricaly and in many other ways! He will be attending college in Florida and trying to persue his goal as a rapper.
Now back with a meaning to life and to put more chills down his fans spine jlitusk* is better than ever and will remain making hits for his fans! He is very pleased with all the comments everyone leaves him and the support from his fans! Looking for a producer and a good record deal who could land me a hit!