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J.LoonZ, a Northwestern University student who hails from St. Paul, has the blood of a hustler and the IQ of a scholar. His combination of mainstream swagger and underground content gives LoonZ a thought provoking and contagious sound. Meet the rap game’s wake up call: J.LoonZ.


J. LoonZ, short for Jordan Looney, was born to be a musician. As the son of a poet and a bongo player, LoonZ grew up around music. Through out his upbringing in the inner-city of the Twin Cities he developed an original swagger that allowed him to adapt to all situations and environments. With the blood of a hustler and the IQ of a scholar he focused his energy on developing his rap career. Growing up in St. Paul and listening to artists like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and Heiruspecs gave him a strong foundation in underground Hip-Hop, but like most Rap fans these days he also paid close attention to mainstream artists. This combination of mainstream swagger with underground content gives LoonZ an undefinable sound that is both thought provoking and contagious. Currently J. LoonZ is going to school at Northwestern University and is making moves in Chicago with HG Entertainment. HG Entertainment is a rising entertainment company that is promoting three individual artist, myself, Rotimi and Dre-Dub. Separately they deliver a monumental amount of talent and together they produced an unmatched style of Hip-Hop and R and B.So sit back, roll up, relax, and listen to the rap games wake up call, J. LoonZ.


HG Presents: The Compilation
- Showcases the talents of Dre-Dub, J.LoonZ, and Rotimi. So far it has sold over 500 units.

Radio Play on WNUR as well as several other College Radio Stations.

Set List

Sets are of variable length. Anywhere from 20- 40 minutes is average.

Set List:
The Comeup
Minnesota Rock
Hater's Address