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Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Band Pop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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2008: Album Studio with 8 tracks
2009: Single: Anythign You Need: With PlayRecord
2010: Never Let You Go: Number 1 Myspace song
2010: Goodbye My Love



About Jlucson

Jean Luc, also known as, Jlucson is an R&B singer, songwriter, and rapper Manchester - uk. He made his recording debut in 2008 and is patiently waiting for a major label to sign him.

Jean Luc was born in 1985, when he was only 16. At age 17, he moved to Manchester, UK to live with his family - he is a student at the University of Bolton. It is at Bolton that Jlucson learned how to write, record, and produce music.


In 2009, Jlucson recorded and released two singles, "I Love" and "Anything You Need". If there was anything that proved that Jlucson deserved a record deal it was these two hit singles. "I Love" and "Anything You Need". These songs demonstrate his ability to orchestrate music and lyrics that take elements from various cultures and integrates these elements into a masterpiece. Not only is integrating different cultures a part of his music, but also it is a part of who Jlucson is and it is the passion of his heart.


In 2004, Jlucson began to work with World Martial Arts Association as an instructor and W.A.I.T to promote world peace. He can relate to the kids and people he is working with in a personal way. He has been underprivileged in his past and desires to give those who are in an underprivileged situation hope for their future and reassurance that they have an advocate. His loving, caring, and passionate nature authenticates the role he plays in society, as well as testifies to his ability to be a good role model to all.

Talents and Abilities

Jlucson has a natural talent and his natural talent is displayed in his ability to effortlessly hit difficult notes and sing in difficult keys. He has perfect pitch, as well as the ability to write, record, and produce his own music. But it is not only his natural talents that will take him to the top in the mainstream world; Jlucson has the image to accompany his talent. He states, "ladies loves me, 99 percent of my fans are ladies, judging from all the comments and feedback I get online, I can honestly say they love my sound, my look, and I think they will always love me".

Record Labels

Jlucson is looking for a record label that will give him the freedom to experiment and explore new sounds as an artist. He is always seeking to learn new tricks of the trade and gets his cue from his musical influences, including: Prince, Usher, Marvin Gaye, Trey Songz, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Savage Garden, Avril Lavigne, Celine done, and many more. "I am not afraid to prove what I can do, there's always room for improvement and I'm always ready to learn new tricks. I'm growing as a person, as an artist, and my music will always grow because I am an open-minded artist who is ready to learn new things. I am up for the challenges", says Jlucson. While Jlucson is willing to try new genres of music, his heart is in R&B. However, he looks forward to spreading his music to many different countries and cultures with his ability to sing in French, which is his native language, English, and Friech.

Social Networks

Many social networking sites currently host Jlucson's music, including: Myspace, Facebook, and Reverbnation, just to name a few. His music tops the R&B charts on these sites and he is currently number one on the Myspace R&B Chart. In fact, all of Jlucson's releases have topped the R&B charts on these sites. However, this is no surprise to him, Jluscon reassures, "I am not afraid of what I can do" and he has been faithful to do it thus far. He also adds, "I have a good and strong confident image, I have a fan base in Reverbnation. I had opened my Reverbnation profile last year; it's been just 6 months since I opened it and now I'm number two in the northwest of the United Kingdom". Jlucson now has over a 9,000 fans on his Reverbnation profile.


Performing at local clubs in Bolton, as well as the Phoenix Theatre are just some of Jlucson's accomplishments. Through this he has established a large fan base and is well known by the locals. Jlucson says, "I have worked really hard on different levels, I have a good number of fans around the world, Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation, and Hi5. These people don't know anything about me, they just like my music". He has screen shots available on his Myspace gallery, recorded music, and he has written over a thousand songs that are prerecorded in his song library, all he needs is "a little push, to start touring with other major artists and start as a supporting act on tour", says Jlucson, "I am sure people are ready for me". He acknowledges that his style of R&B is not popular in the UK, but that he is able to switch to the UK style of R&B, because he is willing to work and willing to go the distance. "It's about what I can do to my song and other songs if I get enough time and tools to do it", says Jlucson. He has the ability not only to write and sing music; but produce it, remix i