Grovetown, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B


"any thing is possible" is the motto i live by. My career as a rap artist started at the young age of 11 years old. Exposed to hiphop and rap music by my dad i started to memorize the songs i would hear. Influnced by Run Dmc, Tupac, Biggie and others i began to write rap songs in my room and would record them using my boombox to play the beats and a recorder to record them on. after circuiting my cassette tapes around my neighborhood i started to see the impact of my music on people,soon they began to tell me i should pursuit a record deal. Now to 2011 after working tirelessly on my craft, a few setbacks and false starts here i am finally getting everything together the way i want it to be. Now Working on building up my independent record label called Everythang Money Ent., a mixtape called Rumble In Da Jungle and other ventures im putting my best foot forward and acheiving every goal i want to accomplished. Follow me on www.twitter.com/JLyonz and subscribe to my youtube channel at youtube.com/dalyonzden


Rumble In Da Jungle Mixtape