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"Recommendations for J-Mack"

Recommendations for J-Mack

"My name is Brian Clark and I have been in youth ministry with Student Venture for over 10 years. I have had dozens of speakers and bands come to events that we have hosted. Yet there has not been anyone better than J-Mack to communicate clearly with teens his heart for God and do it in a relevant way."
• Brian Clark - Student Venture - Brian.Clark@studentventure.com

“I am very impressed with his spiritual maturity and his evangelical heart. God has truly blessed this young man in numerous ways. Through his past experiences and his current passion for the Lord, he brings a powerful testimony that many young people today can relate to and need to hear. Jeff is extremely authentic. He loves the Lord with all his heart and he truly lives to bring Christ glory in everything he does. He has aligned himself with accountability partners and mentors proving that he wants to honor God with his life and desires to grow closer to Him. Through his music, sharing and inspiring, Jeff is a great prospect for you to use as you seek to impact those God has entrusted to you.�
• Brad Long - Central Indiana FCA – Area Director – Blong@fca.org

“This is a recommendation for J-Mack as a person and performer. I recently did a event with J Mack in Lakeland, FL and got to see his talents and heart up-close. I am a national speaker and have been for many years and have seen performers come and go but J-Mack has a message and means to convey it. I would 100% recommend him for any event that needs a positive message of faith along with high energy entertainment.�
• Kyle C. Dodd - Nationally known speaker for Family Life, Man in the Mirror Men’s Seminars, and author of 5 published family books - teamdodd@msn.com

“His messages were well prepared and he was able to reach the wide range of ages that he was speaking to each night. His understanding of scripture was sound and his ability to relate personal stories captivated the audience and allowed him to share the gospel in a plain and understandable way. He simply had a desire and passion for each camper to know and love Jesus in a deeper way. Jeff also has worked carefully on rap songs and uses lyrics to give the gospel message. He interacted with the audiences well when performing and puts an unbelievable amount of energy into his songs and messages through rap. Often people picture vulgar or difficult language in rap music, but in Jeff's case it is uplifting and refreshing, and is uniquely Christian in every way. More than anything, Jeff has a heart for the Lord and a desire to serve others….�
• Coach Barber – Greenville College – George.barber@greenville.edu

“When Jeff performs, there is no doubt about whom he intends to honor. We've had Jeff perform six times at our university, and the response has always been great. Jeff is not only a great musician with a high quality performance, but also a man whose faith is infectious. During Jeff's performance, he always takes the opportunity for a retelling of how Jesus rescued him from sin and desperation. His story seems to resonate with both Christians and non-Christians alike.�
• Todd Magruder - Campus Minister - todd@uiscsf.org

“I do not believe that I could speak too highly of J-Mack. He is a passionate man of God. I do not say this lightly. This passion manifests itself in the form of lyrical rhymes and powerful testimonies that usher in the presence of God. J-Mack's incredible ability to produce music enables him to speak truth and the ways of life to our precious youth that live in a deceptive and twisted world. With songs about the vast love and power that God has and how he has personally experienced being made alive in Christ, J-Mack unabashedly points youth to Christ. He has a gift to speak to the youth of today, I know that the youth here loved him as do I. God bless him!�
• Jordan McGaughey – Youth Pastor – Horizon Church and School

“J-Mack’s passion for the Lord is contagious! He truly desires to bring those he comes in contact with in to a deeper relationship with Christ. When he came to camp, even though he was there to lead worship, he was willing to get involved and serve in any way that he could. As a worship leader, his high energy and fervor for the Lord captivates audiences. God has truly gifted him in his ability to rap, put beats together, and to bring God glory and honor through his lyrics.�
• Nicole Rapagnani - FCA Area Representative - NRapagnani@fca.org

“I am writing to you in regards of an incredible guy, his name is J-Mack. We have had the privilege of having him perform five times at our youth group and school. He is a young man with incredible talent and a heart of gold. Even if you don’t like the whole rap genre you will love J-Mack and even more his heart for God. If you are looking for someone who is real, high energy, and loves the Lord, this is your guy. I highly recommend him for anything you are planning or doing.�
• Brandon Grayson – Youth Pastor - bgrayson@horizonindy.com

“Over the past three years I have seen Jeff be a great leader and a great follower. He knows when to lead but yet wants to follow and learn from those that also love Christ. He has a great passion to use the gifts that God has given him and his desire to serve Christ is contagious. Since I’ve known Jeff, I have had the privilege of working with him on many different occasions. First off, when Jeff was a college Freshmen playing basketball, he “recruited� and coordinated the first team Bible study at his school. Second, that next summer he volunteered at two of our FCA summer camps and was our best leader at both camps. And thirdly, I asked Jeff to speak at our FCA Spring Banquet (attendance of 750) about how God has used FCA to impact his life. He quickly accepted and did an outstanding job. He is a man of great character with a pure heart that I would easily trust with my own children. If you ever have the opportunity to have Jeff come and minister to you or your group, you would not be disappointed.�
• Kevin Elliot – FCA - West Central IL. FCA Area Director

“Jeff McIntosh is an outstanding Christian artist. Jeff has ministered at our church on several occasions and has a special anointing to his music. His heart is to reach this generation of youth and to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through his music.�
• Pastor McIntosh – Discovery Church

“The greatest thing about J-Mack is his authenticity. He shared openly about his past and how God had transformed his life – a transformation which is clearly evident not just in his words and music but most evident in his joyful spirit and love for people. J-Mack’s the real deal!�
• Ron Frank – FCA - Lake Michigan Regional Director – rfrank@fca.org

“Recently our school had the pleasure of hosting Jeff McIntosh (aka J-Mack) in a chapel setting. The energetic atmosphere that Jeff created early on a Thursday morning was incredible. I fully support Jeff in his mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through his powerful music presentation and therefore impacting the eternal life of many young people. “
• Ron Qualls – Principal – Heritage Christian School

"Jeff’s witness is powerful for several reasons. First, teenagers can easily identify with Jeff because he is in his early twenties; second, Jeff shares his story through the ever so popular musical genre known as “rap�; third, Jeff’s overall message is “real." Jeff’s message focuses on the importance of God being the center of his life. He is very candid about how God was not always at the center of his life, especially during high school, some of the mistakes he has made, and how developing a relationship with God has brought him peace, joy and “true� happiness, the kind of happiness that only a relationship with God can bring. The students were mesmerized by Jeff’s candor, drawn into the message through his music, and inspired by his journey. I too was inspired by and impressed with Jeff. In fact, I was so inspired and impressed, that I suggested we have Jeff address the entire student body, which he will be doing this spring."
• Dawn Dye (Cathedral Highschool, ddye@cathedral-irish.org)

“J-Mack has a very powerful testimony that really hits home with the kids. You can really see his passion for his music and his ministry while he is performing. J-Mack also was very personable with the kids, talking to each of them after the show, letting them know that he wasn't just there to get a check and leave. Many of the kids asked about his cd's and were asking if we would ever get to have him back for another event in the future. I would highly recommend booking J-Mack for a youth event.�
• Tyler Smith – Youth Pastor -
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Intimately Consumed - 18 Tracks
Give It up EP - 4 Tracks
Only By Grace - 17 Tracks

J-Mack also has tracks that are streaming and playing on the radio!

Official Website: www.J-MACK.com
Official Myspace: www.myspace.com/listen2jmack



J-Mack is a person who has been drastically changed by the Person and love of Jesus Christ. He grew up having a deep love for rap music. Some of his favorite artists at that time included Twista, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, and Bone Thugs N Harmony.
Prior to opening his heart up and submitting his life to Jesus, he had no musical talents at all. J-Mack was terrible at poetry and never took any musical classes in high-school. Everything changed when he gave his life over to Christ. Realizing that music has such a huge influence on people, he knew it would be possible to reach more people with the Good News through the avenue of Christian worship/rap. He started to develop a passion for writing songs, producing music, rapping, and preaching. J-Mack has a contagious hunger and desire to know Jesus intimately which has pushed and excelled him along into sharing Christs love across the US. He shares real life experiences and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the tool of music. Everywhere he goes people are touched by the realness of his message that he presents in a relevant way to todays youth. People are not searching for something fake; they want something authentic. J-Mack is authentic and real in all his songs and messages, reflecting Jesus and putting Him on display. He has now realized that God has equipped him, gifted him, and anointed him to do a work that He had already prepared in advance (Ex. 31:1-6, 35:31-35, Eph. 2:10).
J-Mack has now written hundreds of songs, produced hundreds of beats, and rapped and recorded over 50 full songs with many more on the way. He has shared stages with bands such as Pillar, Britt Nicole, Spoken, Brooke Barrettsmith, KBN, and PJ Summers Band as well as other Christian rappers such as k-drama, Urban D, Divine Soldiers, Nue Breed, e-cross, D-M.A.U.B, and many others. Also, J-Mack has been blessed to work a long side of many well known national speakers and organizations such as FCA, Student Venture, Wyld Life, Young Life, and has also done a variety of churchs, camps, and youth groups across the United States. He recently just finished a brand new album entitled Intimately Consumed. This CD brings something fresh and new to the body of Christ colliding the genres of Christian Rap and Worship. The messages focus on bringing people into deeper intimacy with Jesus in hopes of seeing a generation living and walking in the greatest commandment: to love God with everything! The Lord is using him through the avenue of music to reach out to youth and this generation with the love of Jesus. Its the hook that grabs their attention and prepares their hearts to receive His great love.

If you are interested in finding out more about J-Mack please visit his website at www.J-Mack.com or go to his official myspace page at www.myspace.com/listen2jmack. For booking, please email booking@J-Mack.com or for more information email info@J-Mack.com!