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Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B




"Vox Pop, Rd. 3: JMack (The Champ) vs. J-Kid (Challenger No. 1) vs. Bobby Fisha (Challenger No. 2)"

"JMack, who has already emerged victorious in our first two weeks of competition, has a chance to do this week--will graduate to a list that will be showcased in some sort of Dallas Observer-sponsored way (more on that in the near future). That'll be a few rounds down the road, though, so lets get into the meat of Round 3... JMack and his challengers were charged with creating a video that explored the topic of their favorite movie. And, yes, we're gonna make our defending champ earn his way into our Hall of Fame like any honorable artist would. So that means we're adding an extra challenger for our current holder of the Vox Pop belt to make a three-person battle royale..." - Dallas Observer

"Ill Ego Presents: J.Quest and JMack"

"Saturday, we got the opportunity to meet fellow artist J.Quest and JMack at the 'Bust It Wide Open Bash' in Denton... check out what the fellas have to say because they some cool dudes." (video link) - Ill Ego

""Next To Blow" 2011"

"As JMack has grown he began to see the opportunity to use music for so many other causes allowing him and Paeme to take massive steps in evolving their own sound and contribute to the music scene as well as the community." - Music Is Life Magazine

"Dallas Can't Ban The Truth"

"The redundant and overly saturated Houston and Dallas rivalry was temporarily at ease as Jay Fresh, JMack, and Big Hud welcomed the self-proclaimed a-holes south of I-45 this past Saturday night. JMack followed the heavyweight and the crowd was instantly entertained by Soulja Boy's “Pretty Boy Swag” sample in his highly received song, “Pretty Big A** Bag.” One could assume that he has raw energy and enthusiasm in that large bag of his to thoroughly entertain the crowd." - Dallas Examiner

"#NewDallas Volunteers for Radio-One’s, 97.9 The Beat Hip Hop 4 HIV Concert “Tickets 4 Testing”"

"DALLAS, TX (August 2011) – Last month #NewDallas representatives have dedicated their time to support the city’s effort in creating more knowledge about the ever growing HIV/AIDS epidemic, through testing 4 tickets. “Testing 4 Tickets”, is part of the Hip Hop 4 HIV concert admission process. Ages (13-25) are at a higher risk of contracting the disease; which completely explains why #NewDallas wanted to stand behind a cause that may potentially change the future, and betterment of their younger audience. Despite not performing, #NewDallas volunteered their time to help with testing at the Hip Hop 4 HIV concert realizing the importance and influence that a rapper has on the younger generation. Que P, The Jett, B.Hardy, JMack, Cool Beings leader Jesse Porter, and others unknown, were out promoting through action the #NewDallas mission, which is unity in the Dallas community and music industry. #NewDallas reps are selflessly doing what it takes together, to ensure there is change." - Ashley Jones for Aries Entertainment

"Over The Weekend: Trae tha Truth, JMack and Big Hud at Trees"

"After a particularly high-energy set from JMack and a funny offering from Big Hud that saw the rapper calling out a heckler in the crowd, the on-stage DJ who'd been spinning for 20 or so minutes before Trae's headlining set simply asked the crowd if it was ready for Trae to perform. And perhaps as much was justified: Aside from club appearances, this was the first proper Dallas performance from Trae in a while. He didn't disappoint, although the night felt more like Dallas hip-hop giving Houston hip-hop a big hug more than anything else. There were shout-outs to the fallen DJ Screw and other Houston rap icons, and plenty of talk about that scene to boot. Random Note: JMack had the best line of the night, swiping Soulja Boy's "Pretty Boy Swag" hook while wearing a backpack and rapping that "This, right here, is my? Bag."" - Dallas Observer

"Hip-Hop honeymoon"


Some of you might be old enough to remember when Huzbyn and Wyfe, a Dallas hip-hop duo and married couple, were performing 'round town in the early '90s. We're so old that our memories are kind of busted, and we can't recall if that's exactly how they spelled it. But we digress.

There's another married couple making waves here all these years later. It's not just the married part, but also that they're all about the art and positive vibes that good hip-hop brings.

The couple in question is Money and The Rapture, collectively known as The Co-Op. They got the goods musically and lyrically. And their involvement in the Speak-Up event is where they're really layin' down some foundation.

Speak Up is an MC contest that allows rappers to showcase their writing skills by performing original material in three unique rounds.

First, it's a cappella. Second, they drop summin' from their own repertoire. And last, they perform a track provided by the event's organizers a week before.

It's a new spin on the MC battle, de-emphasizing the attack aspect and zeroing in on the artist's ability to articulate varied concepts.

The Co-Op is the backbone behind this event. You can catch another installment tomorrow night at the Liquid Lounge, featuring Chucky Sly , Blaze Won, Solomon Infinite and JMack (later announced as winner). - Quick DFW


"First Initial Last Name" is the latest album from JMack currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and Amazon.

New singles from the upcoming mixtape "Paeme or Doom" are also available via



JMack descended upon the streets of Dallas in late 2008 with his appearances on the compilation “Paeme Or Hate Me Vol.1? and was immediately recognized for his dexterity, delivery, and superior lyricism. JMack made a name for himself by competing in emcee showcases and performing live with Paeme, he has shared the stage with major artists such as Yelawolf, Wiz Khalifa, Chip Tha Ripper, and Killer Mike; Texas legends such as Bun B, Trae Tha Truth, and Big Tuck; as well as local staples such as Ad.D+, Damaged Good$, and Big Hud. He brought a tremendous stage presence with a headliner state of mind, which brought continued success and increasing fan base. JMack quickly dove into branding Paeme as more than a movement but a standard and image molded into the minds of everyone who would come into contact. He then capitalized on their buzz by releasing “First Initial Last Name” his first solo project on all original material. The response was unanimous that JMack offers one of the few opportunities for Dallas to have an artist bring as much talent as any heavyweight emcee but also commercially thrive without dependence on the latest trends.
JMack is also a budding producer who cites his diverse upbringing as the reason behind some of his concepts and sounds in his own work and that which he creates for others, he has also shared stages with dub step artists such as Run DMT, Mimosa, and Sam Krause.
As JMack has grown he saw the opportunity to use music for other causes allowing him and Paeme to take massive steps in evolving their own sound and contribute to the music scene as well as the community. Over the summer of 2011, he volunteered in a local testing center for the HipHop4HIV Concert, put on by local radio station 97.9 The BEAT. Despite not being a performer at the concert he gladly gave his time to educate at risk teenagers about the epidemic and also increase the unity in the at times shaky local Dallas music scene. JMack is all about progress. “I love hearing a new artist and feeling like I am exactly where they are or where they are from the moment I start playing their music.” He intends to do the same thing for the world, as they grow more curious about Paeme.

JMack has performed at many stages throughout the nation including
Palladium Ballroom-Dallas TX
Remote Lounge-New York NY
Minc Lounge-Dallas TX
Trees-Dallas TX
Black Forest Theater-Dallas TX
The Lounge On Elm St-Dallas TX
Liquid Lounge-Dallas TX
Enigma-Dallas TX
Amsterdam-Austin TX
Troubador-Austin TX
Deja Vu-Austin TX
Samuell Grand Park-Dallas TX
Axis-Fort Worth TX
The Parish-Austin TX
North Texas Fair Grounds-Denton TX
Interaction-Allen TX
The Door-Fort Worth TX
Nairobi-Dallas TX