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"Heritage Christian"

"I stand amazed. I must confess I enjoyed Jeff’s presentation much more than I thought I would. As you might have guessed, I am not the biggest fan of rap music, but the power and the passion (I am tearing up as I write this) behind Jeff’s songs and his spoken message are what these kids need to hear."

"Yes, rap may not be my preferred form of music....but even if one student was moved by it...then God be praised! Seriously, I am touched by Jeff Mack and how on fire he is for the Lord!"

"Your challenge to be 100% sold out (to Jesus) spoke to all of us!"

"Jeff's passion and love for Christ and His saving grace was CLEARLY evident in his message today. Thank you for allowing him to come speak to the kids. My kids "got it"

"He related to us"
"I thought it was really cool how he shared the gospel in a different way"
"He explained the big picture. It's not just about being "good" but it's about laying our lives down for God."
- Ron Qualls

"Cathedral High-School"

"He has put together a program and personal testimony that helps our young people both connect and nurture their religious/spiritual upbringing. I have known Jeff for over ten years and find him to be a remarkable, honest young man that has a passion to bring more youth to Christ with word and song. I would highly recommend that you find the time and resources available in your organization to share in this experience that captures our youth." - Teacher - Reggie Staley

"Christian Student Fellowship"

"I find Jeff's passion for God remarkable.
Jeff is not only a great musician with a high quality performance, but also a man whose faith is infectious.
He is a witness wherever he goes, and his music ministry is a great tool for reaching the hearts of young people for Christ."
- Todd

"Greenville College"

"He spoke with passion to the kids (boys and girls) and encouraged them to surrender their lives to Christ, in every area, in order to grow spiritually and live abundantly.
His understanding of scripture was sound and his ability to relate personal stories captivated the audience and allowed him to share the gospel in a plain and understandable way. He interacted with the audiences well when performing and puts an unbelievable amount of energy into his songs and messages through rap. Often people picture vulgar or difficult language in rap music, but in Jeff's case it is uplifting and refreshing, and is uniquely Christian in every way. Jeff has a heart for the Lord and a desire to serve others. It was a blessing to have him at our camp, speaking, interacting, and encouraging others in their faith.If you are looking for a person who will energize and excite your youth with rap music, motivate and propel them to a deeper walk with Christ, I would encourage you to let Jeff speak to, rap for, and work with your group."
- Head Men's Basketball Coach


"The students were mesmerized by Jeff’s candor, drawn into the message through his music, and inspired by his journey." - Theological Teacher


"He is a young man with incredible talent and a heart of gold. Even if you don’t like the whole rap genre you will love J-Mack and even more his heart for God. If you are looking for someone who is real, high energy, and loves the Lord, this is your guy." - Youth Minister

"Horizon Church & School"

"He is a passionate man of God. I do not say this lightly. This passion manifests itself in the form of lyrical rhymes and powerful testimonies that usher in the presence of God. J-Mack's incredible ability to produce music enables him to speak truth and the ways of life to our precious youth that live in a deceptive and twisted world. With songs about the vast love and power that God has and how he has personally experienced being made alive in Christ, J-Mack unabashedly points youth to Christ." - Youth Pastor/teacher

"FCA(Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Head Director"

"He is a man of great character with a pure heart that I would easily trust with my own children. If you ever have the opportunity to have Jeff come and minister to you or your group, you would not be disappointed." - Kevin Elliot

"KBN (national recording Gospel artist)"

"I thought you did very well with multi culture crowd, they all enjoyed you. I will be calling for future events and I recommended you to others who are in search of this type of ministry, especially to the youth and teens."
Kevin (KBN) Burroughs-Neeley


"Give It Up" 4 Track EP

1. Give It Up
2. Fallin' In Love
3. Get In The Game
4. Why Am I Here

"Only By Grace"
17 tracks included (J-Mack's 1st unreleased album)



J-Mack is a person who has been drastically changed by the person and love of Jesus Christ. He grew up having a deep love for rap music. Some of his favorite artists at that time included Twista, Eminem, 50 cent, Dr. Dre, and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Everything changed when he gave his life over to Christ. Before that decision, J-Mack had never written any songs, produced any beats, or rapped anywhere (but in his car or shower haha). He started to have a burning passion for writing songs about life experiences and the love of God. He started falling in love with Jesus and still is today. This passion and desire to know Jesus intimately has pushed and excelled him along into full time Christian Rap ministry. He has now written hundreds of rap songs, produced hundreds of beats, as well as performed at a variety of different venues across the United States. Everywhere he goes people are touched by the "realness" of his message. People aren't searching for something fake - they want the authentic. J-Mack is authentic and real in all his songs and messages he presents as he performs touching thousands of young lives across the US for the glory of Jesus Christ! For booking info please contact BOOKING@J-MACK.COM or for more information please contact INFO@J-MACK.COM. You can also visit his official website at www.J-Mack.com or his official myspace page at www.myspace.com/listen2jmack!