J Marie

J Marie


These lyrics say what every single woman wants


My influences are younger single women ((I'm 73) wanting to be heard.


"Wednesday NIght Guy"

Written By: Jean Flewelling

Let me tell you a story about Debbie and Sue, both have seen a year on two.
Divorced twice, and feeling mighty blue.
They don't want much, maybe a bite to eat, a dance around the floor, if all goes well there could be more.
You can hear them cry, all I want is a "Wednesday Night Guy".
Sittin on the porch feet propped up,basking in the sun, tellin the same old story, bout how lonesome they are.
No matter how hard they try, they just can't find that "Wednesday Night Guy"
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, busy as can be,but when it comes to Wednesday, you can hear them cry as they sigh, all I want is a "Wednesday Night Guy"
Ginny Betty and MaryJane, all doin the same, trying to figure out how to play the game.
Going shopping don't help a bit
buying shoes that never fit.
all they want is a "Wednesday Night Guy".
Now I know you don't believe it, but it's true, those gals are feeling sad and mighty bule.
So if your a Wednesday night kind of guy, give
Debbie a call, her name is printed on the wall, give her a try,
and maybe you'll be her Wednesday Night Guy".

Ginny,Betty and MaryJane all doin the same, tryin


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