Justin Egling aka Jmaxx from South Africa. He was born a circus kid from the youngest & Greatest Trapeze Artist in the world. His mother Countess Linda Pahla, A Jewish father who was one of the greatest gospel singers in all of SA and a Baron. His Grandfather also a Count who owned the biggest Circus around the world and was one of the greatest owners ever. Today Justin is 33 & ready to show that he can be great at something too. A South African Count he has done a multitude of things to help hi


Durban born, Justin Eglin, aka JMAXX is a rare talent, displaying a deep understanding of South Africa's various black cultural influences. With a zest for RMB, Kwaito, Hip-Hop and House mixed with a flavour of Techno Pop, he is preparing to explode into the music scene with a fresh new sound. Coming from a royal family the consist of a Portuguese mother, a Jewish father and German grandfather, he boldly ventures into the world of rhythm.

His love for the African beats and rhythmic influences forges a complex character, searching for release. This driving force feeds his desire, pushing him forward, expressing itself through song; a curiosity then becomes a hobby to write and compose his own melodies and lyrics, until finally, it culminates in the evolution of JMAXX.

Inherently very soft-spoken, bordering on a shy introvert with a passion for animals, he speaks with a determination and flaunts a “never say die” attitude. JMAXX declares: “I recognize that knowledge can be very powerful”. He believes scholars and the youth must never give up on their dreams, stressing that there is no word like "can’t", and if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. “People can strip you of everything, but they cannot and will not take away my dreams and my knowledge” he testifies.

He portrays a childlike craziness, and displays an invincible courageous spirit when he steps onto a stage.” This is the place he was born to be. Here, he is free to entertain patrons and fans with an energy and passion that has no bounds. JMAXX projects an inner strength, more like a power of being in total control, conveying his feelings through this powerful medium of music. The air is immediately highly charged and he stops and shouts from the stage, “all I want is to liberate the fans, let them enjoy the power of my energy.”

And this development from strength to strength has culminated in the release of “Born To Be Famous”.


"Born To Be Famous"

"Kiss Of The Spider"