The Ballymagroarty Gospel Choir consists of young and old, male and female singers and musicians from Derry/Londonderry - City of Culture 2013.
We get together twice weekly to practice a multitude of uplifting and inspiring songs, some of which are then performed at Saturday night 6pm Mass in Holy Family Church.
Instruments include Violin, Keyboard, Percussion and Voice.
We enjoy really performing together as there is always a sense of unity and friendship.

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'Live & Let Live'

Written By: Jacqueline McKay

(Piano Intro)

Join hands, for the future, leave the past behind come on be happy now, be happy now
Say 'Hello', for old time's sake, life is what you make it so smile
Take a look, at the Earth where we stand, be we woman or man, rejoyce
Make a friend, it's the best thing in life, friendship goes on, though we may end

'Cause you never know what's happening next
And you never know just what to expect
Watch the sun in the morning, stars at night
Live & Let Live, there's no need to fight

(Piano Instrumental)

Then that something deep inside, begins to come alive
Than that sparkle in your eyes, begins to thrive
And when you thought that hope was gone, not for long
When there's no right and there's no wrong
Just sing along............sing along.............

(Piano Instrumental leading to key change.)

Repeat parts A & B

Lyrics and music composed by Jacqueline McKay, 61 Rossnagalliagh, Derry City, Co. Londondery, Northern Ireland, Tel:07709997801,,

Thanks for reading and having a listen c",) x-X-x