Los Angeles, California, USA

JMD blends reggae, blues and progressive rock into their music and live sets, delivering smooth harmonies and a big sound from a 3-piece band (ukulele, bass and drums). We love to play anywhere and see the crowd grooving and bobbing their heads. Always representing for Hawaii, but now living in L.A.


JMD stands for“Jason, Mark & David”, the names of the original members of the group. Not as original as "Japanese Monster Disaster" they voted against in picking a band name. This reggae/blues/rock three-piece has been playing steadily in live music venues in Los Angeles, South Bay, Long Beach and Orange County. Their steady island music vibe has captured a small, but loyal following and has earned a reputation to rock a party crowd. The band was formed in the fall of 2008 in Los Angeles. Jason and Mark are both California transplants originally from Honolulu, HI and grew up listening to the same island music that dominated the airwaves in their hometown. Their music is also influenced by Bob Marley, Sublime, Jimi Hendrix and great music in general.

The ukulele stud, Jason Arimoto has been performing his island blues style for a couple of years prior to forming the group, and is a highly viewed artist on his popular YouTube channel ( He’s performed at ukulele festivals in Australia, Indiana and all over California, and will be releasing his solo album soon. Jason is a Gerontology researcher by day at the University of Southern California.

Bass player, Mark Sakaue, moved to Los Angeles in 2008, and worked as a live player for island music groups in Hawaii. He’s performed with local island acts Big Every Time (B.E.T.), Keahiwai, Kani Makou, Kanalo & Tempo Valley. A graduate of the University of Hawaii-Manoa, he currently is the Director of an after-school learning center in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Current drummer, Mark "Sneek" Spiller, is a native Angeleno from Compton, California. He joined the group as a permanent member in 2011. Mark is a veteran of the SoCal reggae scene, backing numerous international reggae artists in his career.

The JMD EP was recorded in the Fall of 2009 at Suburban Studios under the guidance of recording engineer, Charlie Park. Their release is a collection of six original compositions and is available at live shows and online. The group is currently in studio recording their first full-length LP.


JMD EP (2010)

Set List

Bless Up
There’s More
Cool Me Down
High Strung Woman
Losin’ My Mind
On The Loose
O Ka Aina
You’re All I Need
Move Forward
Ready Rock Steady
Let My Love Surround You
Little Did You Know
No I
Cool Water
Don’t Waste My Time
Where I Stand
Call On Me
No Fear
Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
Run For Cover
Midnight Race
Things Were Fine
Live For Me Too