BandHip Hop

It's the return of the most authentic, descriptive, and talented display of true hip hop music ever witnessed. The kind of lyrics that make you want to rap, beats that give you pictures in your mind, an effect that overall will give you the chills.


The major thing that seperates me from other music acts, is that I actually listen to music. I study it, sound is my craft. I've been recording music for over ten years, I've produced for other underground artists, I've written for other artists, I've basically achieved everything in this business except my big break. Still, music is my entire existence, and I strive for that ultimate success.


JMega & DJ Cid - The Nth Degree (2009)
JMega - Paradise Lost (2009)
JMega - All Hail Megatron (2009)
JMega - Heaven And Earth (2008)
JMega - Say Goodnight To The Bad Guy (2008)
JMega - The End Game Strategy (2008)
JMega - Niggaz Iz Still Kingz (2008)
JMega - The Language Of God (2008)
JMega - Megatronix: The Centuries (2007 remastered)
JMega - Niggaz Iz Kingz (2007 remastered)
JMega - In Tha Godz Hand (2007 remastered)
JMega - A Better Tomorrow (2007 remastered)
JMega - Peace Thru Tyranny (2006 remastered)
Nine Seven - Nine Seven Presents: NAPALM (2006 remastered)
Nine Seven - Under The Basement (2005 remastered)

Set List

It depends, sometimes I do one song, others its five. It would depend on the time I would get. I would say I average three songs a show.