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Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Acoustic


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"Album Review - All Access Magazine"

Seattle based alt rockers J minus put forth an outstanding effort on their double 28-song disc, “Sun and Moon”. This Indie Rock band makes their music sound mainstream with jazzy riffs, crunchy guitars, and engaging vocals courtesy of – Trevor Wheetman, Chris Mongillo and Tasha Ehoff. Founded by musical prodigy who is both lyricist and songwriter, Dylan Fant wears many hats as primary lyricist, drummer, percussionist, guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, and banjo. Their music and lyrics deal heavily with faltering relationships, lost loves and finding that one special person that is your soulmate. Fant’s songs are familiar with stories of love, longing and loss. Fant wears his heart wide open and on his sleeve. Chris Mongillo gives insight to personal awakening in the world and Trevor Wheetman speaks through poetry and metaphor.

Like Phil Collin’s and Buddy Miles, Dylan Fant, who writes and produces most of the music including lyrics is also a drummer like Don Henely, Dave Grohl, and Levon Helm, Fant doesn’t sing leaving that task to Wheetman, and Mongillio, who also play keyboards and guitar respectfully. Rounding out the line-up is Myer Harrell on bass and Matt Gamboa on guitar. With Fant’s captivating lyrics, distinguishable melodies and dynamic personalities, Jminus skillfully creates a musical experience that today’s marketplace craves, yet so desperately lacks. The music of Jminus spans the boundaries of rock, discovering new ground between postmodern alternative and an upbeat, yet subtly emotional delivery of acoustic rock.

On their first disc, “Sun” both songs, “Caught” and “The Rest of Our Lives,” have the sound and feel to their as if they were channeling John Mayer and both talk about finding the right person and meeting that person halfway. “Run Around,” once again deals with finding that soulmate and has a catchy chorus and driving guitar riff. Tasha Ehoff lends her vocals on both discs on “As We Fall,” and “Going Under” reminiscent of Evanescence with her sweet, breathy vocals.

The second disc features “After Midnight,” where the lyrics talk about watching the sun set and rise metaphorically talking about the ebb and flow of a relationship. “The One that Got Away,” has a jazzy feel to it again professing about a relationship weathering out the one that makes you feel alive again. “Change Your Ways,” is a straight-ahead rocker dealing with the subtext of mixed messages.

J minus catapulted to success by gaining attention on the popular social networking site, MySpace with nearly 320,000 profile views and close to ½ a million plays, their debut album featuring the single, “After Midnight,” sold thousands of units without them having the backing of a major label – that is an accomplishment that few indies achieve. This album have proved to be a success, creating much anticipated online buzz and have catapulted them into putting forth an engaging live show. Check them out at: www.jminus.com and www.myspace.com/jminus for tour dates, merchandise, audio, and video clips, photos, and links, discography, blog reviews, and archives.

- All Access Magazine

"Album Review - Mr. Robotron on the Byway"

"The supporting band is complicated and engaging, mixed with keys, acoustic and electric guitars, and a sturdy rhythm section. Leaning back on the Death Cab reference, here again the listener can spot Gibbard in the circling melodies, and grains of sudden energy."

On 12 Letters:

"Singer Chris Mongillo takes the microphone and gives the band the Weezer edge it deserves...The harmony gives the chorus a lift to be catchy and indelible..." - Performer Magazine (April 2009)

"Album Review - Sun and Moon"

This band depicts what so many up-and-coming artists are striving to achieve - innovation, originality and of course, the growing support of their loyal fan base...and they make it all seem effortless. The highly anticipated debut album, Sun and Moon, features 29 groundbreaking tracks, all spanning the boundaries of rock. While the Moon side shows the softer side of J minus, with captivating melodies, powerful lyrics and a low to mid-tempo emotional delivery of acoustic rock, the Sun explores one-of-a-kind guitar driven depth, coupled with phenomenal story-telling. You can actually feel every word and breathe every bit of rhythm. Whereas moving tracks like 'A Mile Away' and 'After Midnight' deliver a sense of love, loss and an ounce of hope, tracks like 'Time to Grow Up' and 'The Rest of Our Lives' stir up stored emotions of rebirth and stages of weakness, all the while showcasing the easily discernable voices of the 2 talented lead singers. Overall, a great undiscovered band that is clearly on their way to a highly successful career. Make sure to pick up this album, you will not be disappointed! - Link Music

"Ever Just "Knew"?"

Have you ever just “knew” something? Listening to the Seattle based band J minus was like that for me. When they first appeared on my radio show “Kevin McDonald Presents…” and I heard the first cuts from their debut double album, “Sun and Moon”, I “knew” these guys were something special.

The melodies, the harmonies and the structure of the music spoke to me so strongly that I had a hard time getting the music out of my head. Then when I had the opportunity to see them play live, it sealed the deal for me.

As a band they are accomplished musicians and really play well together, delivering the music with great energy and conducting the show with wit, charm and enthusiasm.

So my suggestion to anyone who reads this, go see Dylan, Trevor, Chris, Matt and Myer live……soon, because in the not to distant future, you will have to stand in line at the arena, along with many other J minus fans. As for me, I’m glad that I can say “I knew them when” and that is enough for me. - Kevin McDonald | Radio DJ - host of Kevin McDonald Presents...

"Seekout Records"

"I had the pleasure to listen to J Minus' music today. What an extensive and refreshing collection of easy-listening-rock tracks….
Again, I must say that even after listening to 20 plus submissions today, J Minus definitely stood out."
- Simon Norr, President & Founder

"Seattle PI"

WHAT: Like Phil Collin's Genesis, Rare Earth and Buddy Miles, the man behind the curtain of J Minus is the drummer, Dylan Fant, who writes and produces most of the music, including the lyrics. But unlike other drummers, such as Don Henley, Don Brewer, Dennis Wilson, Dave Grohl and Levon Helm, Fant doesn't sing. That task is left to Trevor Wheetman and Chris Mongillo, who also play keyboards and guitar, respectively. Rounding out the lineup is Myer Harrell on bass and Matt Gamboa on guitar.

CAREER DEBUT: The double disc "Sun and Moon" (August 2006)

SOUND: The five-piece tends toward a folk-pop, soft-rock strategy that occasionally surges and swells. For the most part, though, the band prefers the soothing melancholy of acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies and ascending melodies that echo the longing and loss found in much of their catalog. Their repertoire includes such songs as "Tonight," "Make the Most of It," "I'll Be Right Here," "The Rest of Our Lives" and "The One That Got Away."

QUOTE: "In J Minus, all of our personalities are really different," Gamboa explained over the phone. "Dylan is like the backbone. He has that sound in his mind. All five of us can throw out ideas, but you have to have something that holds it together, keeps it in place." Wheetman added, "(Dylan) keeps it succinct, he keeps it within the boundaries of what he's created: rock-coustic, folk-turnative, that's the genre we're trying to create."

WHERE TO LISTEN: www.jminus.com and www.myspace.com/jminus (tour dates, merchandise, audio and video clips, photos, links, discography, blog, reviews and archives)
- Shawn Telford, Seattle Noise

"CD Sampler Review"

“J Minus is the brainchild of one man and his home studio: Dylan Fant and One Shot Studio in Woodinville, Washington. But it's nothing like you would expect from the typical one-man-and-his-home-studio deal — though Dylan does still write, play, and record all the band's songs. With help from Trevor Wheetman as the voice to Dylan's lyrics, the pair stumbled into a combination that turned a would-be side project into a much sought after and relevant band... in large part because today J Minus is a newly formed and fully functional 5-piece rock ensemble. The music of J Minus is everything from energized optimistic rock to sweet and poignant ballads, and "Seven" is a glimpse into what you can expect from the band's first official release, Sun and Moon, due out later this year.” - Tapworld.com

"CD Baby"

'This album is nothing short of perfection, I was astounded by how much I loved ALL the songs. Typically I just get into one or two tracks on a cd but not in this case, both cd's had such a great flow to them. I have and will highly recommend. - Customer Review


Sun and Moon (double album, 2006)

Recorded at 1 Shot Studio
Available through jminus.com, cdbaby.com, and iTunes.com

Mr. Robotron on the Byway (2009)

Recorded at 1 Shot Studio
Available through jminus.com, cdbaby.com and iTunes.com



J minus is defined by captivating lyrics, memorable melodies and dynamic personalities. The music of J minus spans the boundaries of rock, discovering new ground between postmodern alternative and an upbeat, emotional delivery of acoustic rock.

While compared to contemporary artists such as the Goo Goo Dolls, The Fray, and Death Cab for Cutie, J minus has created an identifiable sound that is nothing short of groundbreaking. Memorable hooks and guitar-driven depth create the emotional attachment craved by listeners of all ages. Along with Trevor's clever touch of on-stage humor, one can "expect to see an energetic group of musicians who have excellent stage presence and are confident in their abilities to speak to an audience" (cdbaby.com).

J minus was originally an image in the mind of one man - Dylan Fant. The Seattle-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer enlisted two unique voices to complete his bittersweet storytelling, and J minus (in its raw form) was born. While Dylan's songs were familiar stories of love, longing, and loss, Chris Mongillo gave insight to personal awakening in the world and Trevor Wheetman spoke through poetry and metaphor. Their combined efforts were as varied ~yet, strangely unified~ as the musical genres they spanned, "everything from energized optimistic rock to sweet and poignant acoustic ballads." ( Broadjam.com)

With Dylan's skilled instrumentation and the singers' broad ranges and talent, the group had what it needed to release their debut album "Sun and Moon" (August 2006). The album proved to be a success, creating much anticipated online buzz, yet the threesome knew they weren't complete. In a matter of weeks following the debut, the group enlisted the talent of bassist Myer Harrell to bring the heartfelt recordings to life. Shortly after, the group as it stands today began to play shows around the Seattle area, instantly filling venues. It was in this remarkable turn of events that this group became a "combination that turned a would-be side project into a much sought after and relevant band." (tapcoworld.com)