One of the MOST versatile artists IN THE GAME! Smooth, sultry and grown-these are just a few words that come to mind when describing this newcomer to the Contemporary Soul/R&B scene. He has an ole’ school finger snapping feel with the new school lyrical style that has the true R&B lovers buzzing.


Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI where his roots run deep, J.MOST currently calls Twin Cities, MN (Minneapolis/St.Paul) his second home. His inspiration and love of singing and performing came as a youth, watching his dad sing and perform. “I’ll put my dad on the stage with any of the greatest singers in the world and he’ll carry his own and then some! He simply has on of the greatest sounding voices in the world.”
Besides his dad, the artists that made the most impact on J.MOST’s desire to sing and perform where Luther Vandross, James Ingram and Queen Latifah. Growing up listening to R&B moguls such as Ella Fitzgerald; Earth Wind & Fire; Parlament/Funkadelic; Stevie Wonder and Barry White, J.MOST created the foundation of his sound. Ultimately, J.MOST’s confidence was influenced and heightened by the late, great Mr. Gerald Levert. “The power of Gerald’s performances and the way he conveyed his lyrics was truly amazing.”
Singing and performing often as a teen, J.MOST always wanted to record but never got serious about it. Something happened in 2005 O.T. a close friend of J.MOST , introduced him to a talented up and coming track man from Compton- KY Woods. After hearing a few of his tracks J.MOST knew it was time! Although he was armed with close to 100 songs stored in his private music library, he challenged himself to write fresh lyrics to each track for his debut album. (Due Jan. 2007)
J.MOST’s hit single “Ready to do This”, was written in seven days after receiving the track from KY. The single was released underground as a test pilot in Milwaukee and the Twin Cities in October 2006. Thousands of the single were sold and over 15 clubs and well-known DJ’s are currently playing the single in regular rotation.
What The Streets Are Saying
“You got yourself a hit Brother and I’m gonna push the hell out of it!” -Larry K. Myles, renowned DJ in Milwaukee (Club 502 and The Villard Inn) – Tow of Milwaukee’s finer Steppers clubs
“I truly like the song, it’s very good. I wouldn’t play it if it wasn’t!” - DJ Walter “Q-Bear” Banks, Jr. Program Director of the well-known Twin Cities’ MN radio station 89.9 KMOJ “This is a damn good song! The hard core steppers are gonna love it!”
- Arlis Johnson, well-known and quality club owner of Steppers Set, Milwaukee, WI “We love your song, and we love your music. And we really like the way the people respond to your music on the dance floor. We will support you 100%”
- DJ Debbie, DJ Todd and Stan (GM); Alleygators Nightclub, Mapple Grove, MN
“Ready to do This” single and the “Ready to do This” (remix), and a ballad titled “I Appreciate You” will be released August 18, 2007 with his debut album following in January 2008. The Cd will feature several cuts written, arranged and co-produced by J.MOST for the Steppers and the true-to-the-core R&B lovers of the world. His ultimate goal is to establish himself as a songwriter for other artist, creating songs that all genres can relate to.
Most grown folk are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting!
J.Most has been approached and asked to perform at several quality venues. Look for upcoming performances.
J.MOST is proud to have a loving grandmother (Mary), mother (Hilda), and mom (Pauline) who instilled in him the wisdom, spiritual growth, and inspiration needed to survive his tougher days. His mission is to carry these values with him as ammunition for any upcoming battles and pass them on to his family and community.
J.MOST has undergraduate degrees from Bacone College and St. Cloud State University in Secondary Education with 21 years of experience in Special Education, basketball coaching, youth and family services. He is also a very outgoing public speaker. This wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom is being translated into his unique art of song and song writings.
J.MOST has been approached and asked to perform at several quality venues as of late, so look for upcoming performances.
J.MOST has previously performed at a multitude of events, special occasions, banquets, festivals and night club venues over the past 20 years in cities throughout the United States, such as: Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis/St.Paul MN; Valley City, ND; Stevens Point, WI; San Diego, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Lebanon, TN; Indianapolis, IN; and many more. Most recent: Café 290 – Atlanta, GA; Whitney Young Awards Banquet – St. Cloud, MN and Solera Nighclub/Restarunt – Minneapolis, MN ( First Friday Event)
For Booking/CD Purchase
- Official Website: WWW.JMOSTLYRICS.COM | E-Mail: jmostmusic_lyrics@yahoo.com
- Cdbaby.com/cd/jmost
- Tap’s Barbershop: 6425 Lyndale Ave. S., Richfield, MN 55432 ph: 612.822.6293
- Contact Veda at New Wave Salon: Milwaukee, WI ph:414.405.3213
- Downloads: itunes, musicnet, musicnow, Rhapsody and more
For more information contact: Phone: 612.237.5118 Email: jmostmusic_lyrics@yahoo.com

J.Most has opened for artist such as Gerald Levertt, Alex O'Neil, Curtis Blow and many more...


J.Most Presents Blowin & Flowin EP
READY TO DO THIS"has been picked up by major markets - radio and sophisticated night clubs across the country; Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Jackson, Dayton, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Wilmington, Tallahassee, LA, Atlanta, Bronx, DC-Maryland Area, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia...

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Set List

Typical set is either 20 min. or 30 min. Set can be expanded per request. J.Most has done covers of the late great Gerald Levertt. Please enquire with us based on your needs.