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JMotherboard emerges from the underground tunnels of LA, with an assault of layered guitars, that will take you to the highest mountain top, and lyrics that represent personal views and experiences in life.

After quiting death metal band Cangrena in 1997 J started to explore different kinds of sonic possibilities, influenced by bands ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Suffocation in 1998 JMotherboard records Ignition a sci-fi tale of seduction that takes place in the dark alleys of downtown LA.
Thruought the years J has been on a quest to find his sound which is now reflected on hits like Skyline and October

JMotherboard a true musical experience for everyday life



Written By: Javier Flores

how would I whish be your love
girl I could run t where you are tonight.
look into your eyes a mature woman I realize.
coming from a broken home makes me wonder will I be the one?
go for a walk , go for a cup of tea
see that star it's too bad becuase I can't get it for you, it's too far like those eyes
a night of champagne, silk sheets roses in your bed, on the tallest of skylines the night won't reach an end

Waiting for you
on a street with no return
on broken dreams blvd.
while the odds say I ain't got a chance.
waiting for you.

copyright 2000


Written By: Javier Flores

Is that an Octoboer sky?
beyound those clouds I left my love
do you know how many nights
I stood up thinking about
going back to you
to look in your eyes
to recive your charm
to caress your face
and play with your hair

I waited for you like a mother waits for her baby
since that afternoon that you left me with an empty sky.
and it was away from you that I understood how much you mean to me and how I need you to be close to me
this time

Copyright 2004


Demo CD out

Set List

the broken
new beginig
the ph

45 minute set.