Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

Blending the style of calypso, acoustic, dance and rock, JMS will surprise you with a passionate live show, sincere music that is wise beyond its years. In the likes of the more upbeat music and at 24 years old, his music does not depend on volume alone. Instead, using every instrument playable to maximum effect on each song, the goal for a JMS show is to simply have fun. With high energetic performances, solo numbers with strong vocal depth and visual, he's a promising, sonic sheen act for 201


Recent News:
New full length LP, "Travel Worthy", set for release on June 14, 2014.

"Lovers On The Run" was released on September 10th, 2013

Past News:
VM Underground Show Featured Artist - April 2011
Underground Music Spot Artist - March 2011
MTV Music's "Needle In The Haystack" - December 2010
OurStage's "Needle In The Haystack" - December 2010
Sonicbids Newsletter Monthly Feature - 2009/2010
"Greetings" placing at #1 on the Rock Charts,, September 2011
"Same To Me"  placing at #3 on the Rock Charts,, September 2011

Born in Spring Lake, North Carolina but yet raised in the farmlands of Oklahoma, this young, energetic individual will make it seem like he was born in the wrong era just from his mannerisms alone. 
JMS all started out in 2013, when Smith's previous musical endeavor didn't quite pan out the way he wanted it too. "I've toured the U.S with a band, played many shows around the area, and nothing seemed to fit the puzzle piece that was missing. Having that experience already under my belt, it gave me more of a evolved sense of where I really wanted to make the music I do, and express it the way it needs to be expressed."

In the fall of 2010 Jeremy experienced a little bit of Music City (aka Nashville, TN), and took interest right away at the craft of songwriting, publishing and a little bit of music business, as well as a minor school study specializing in foreign language such as Latin, Spanish and Japanese. 
"I've really had a fascination with most Latin American countries, like Brazil, Belize...places you would only see in photos or imagine what an ideal paradise would be like. That's where I get some major influence: places I've always wanted to go. Tokyo would definitely be one of the biggest highlights of my career. I really want to bring the energy once this sound makes that way."

After moving back from Nashville, he joined a local Tulsa group as a drummer, playing numerous shows, doing regional tours and one major national tour. Once the group fell apart due to personal differences, the band admitted that Smith was being robbed of his creative talents, primarily pointing towards his melodic piano ability and folk-based guitar works. 

It was 2011 when he dug his way into his first ever EP, the "Greetings EP", which had major and minor successes in the hands of MTV, MTVHive, Ourstage, Subway's Fresh Artists, and the Shout It Out tour with fellow Oklahomans' Hanson. The current group, formerly known as Misions, set foot into a small number of venues, FreeTulsa Music Festival in 2011 & 2012, and then as a group deciding to deteriorate into different solo projects.

Since then, he jumped into many different musical routes such as auditions for NBC's The Voice, professional vocal training, and even street busking in downtown Tulsa.

But in the same year of his first "live show" running as JMS, in September 2013 was the single release of "Lovers On The Run", already having a great start off to a buzzworthy title, catchy baseline and fast-paced beat, it shot it's way into many different hats of genres. Smith had claimed it was all in his head from day one when he sat in front of his piano. "It came together so easily, and I found myself jumping around in my room just from hearing the bass guitar in the rough stages of recording. It was one of the most magical moments for me as an artist."
From Electronic to Calypso, to mainstream Pop, the reviews & sales are already marking up on most social media like Amazon, iTunes, XBOX Live, iHeartRadio, Pandora and several others.

Now, spending years of writing and molding his music, a 3-year continuum has finally narrowed down to his first full length album, "Travel Worthy", which explains thoroughly Smith's philosophy on his way of thinking, perception, love and dark tunnels that life can throw during one's travels as a young man.

The album is set to be released in June, which will feature 10 eclectic tunes along with 1 bonus track that involves what he claims, a "healing hypnotism".

All music is written and performed by Jeremy Michael Smith.


Same To Me

Written By: Jeremy Michael Smith

It's a shame that I never saw something so obvious
But I won't fall in line
The day you fall from your lies

Show me something new in anything
Cause everyday feels the same to me
If this could be that something new in anything,
Why does every day feel the same?

They seem like they all tend to follow
the one that's in the front
Who wouldn't want that, but if you prefer that
the same to me, you still are

Don't wait around, take the control
you can delay, but time won't.

Show me something new in anything
Cause everyday feels the same to me
If this could be that something new in anything
Why does every day feel the same?

Knowing there's so much more
I'm ready to be born again
Will you ever change your ways?
Will you ever change yours?
Will you ever change?
Who knows?

Show me there is something new in anything
Cause every day feels the same to me
If this could be that something new in anything
Why does every day feel the same?


Written By: Jeremy Michael Smith

Greetings from planet Earth
To someone who sets themself so high

Greetings from under the light
We've got nothing left to hide

It's not who you were, it's who you are now
That I don't like, so goodbye!

Tell me what it's like, being so cold
It must be far where you're from
I welcomed you with open arms and you left me out to dry
And i've got nothing left to hide

It's not who you were, it's who you are now
That I don't like, so goodbye!

Foreign Grounds

Written By: Jeremy Michael Smith

Far from home
On a way trip to Mexico
When there's a lot that I don't know

And so close to the road
And yet summer is so far away
Summer please come again

Is it time to get away to better days?

No one around here
As I walk this road for you, my dear
I'm a man without a fear
Hear the sound
Of my feet and my words
Summer love on foreign grounds...

Lovers On The Run

Written By: Jeremy Michael Smith

I woke this morning from a dream that I knew needed to be reality. We could be the one's waiting, or we could be the one's walking through the waited, or living like we're lovers on the run. And woke up that morning from a smile to the thought of waking up next to you, you'd open up the blinds, the whole room would light up, and I knew it was coming from you. We could be the one's waiting or we could be the one's walking through the waited and living like we're lovers on the run. And it feels so good to be in light with you, I could sing this forever. And it feels so good to be in light with you, I could sing this forever, I could sing this, forever.


09/2010 - "Soft Explosions" EP - 6 Tracks

05/2011 - "Foreign Grounds" (Single) - 1 Track

09/2013 - "Lovers On The Run" (Single) - 1 Track

12/2013 - Debut LP

Set List

Save Me A Dance
Travel Worthy
Lovers On The Run
I Caught The Fire
Separate Sky
As We Begin