JMS Young Adult Choir

JMS Young Adult Choir


The JMS Young Adult Choir is a group of gifted, anointed singers excited about giving praise to God. From the Baltimore-based Church of the Redeemed of the Lord pastored by Bishop Jerome Stokes, these young people have just released their debut project, co-produced by GRAMMY Winner Steven Ford.


Years ago Whitney Houston sang a fundamental truth when she said, “I believe the children are our future”. And children are indeed the future of gospel music. In a genre that’s constantly changing, youngsters are building upon the legacy of spiritual music while adding their own contemporary flair. In Baltimore, there is a group of 50 teenagers and young adults taking gospel music and making it their own, not afraid to sing God’s praises. The Bishop Jerome And Marsha Stokes Young Adult Choir, part of Church of the Redeemed of the Lord (CRL) pastored by Dr. Jerome Stokes, is an assembly of inspired, gifted and exuberant youngsters for the Lord. Their first musical presentation comes in the form of a CD called He Healed Them All, a 15-track collection of amazingly uplifting and brilliantly-executed songs.

The project is co-produced by GRAMMY, Dove and Stellar Award winning producer Steven Ford, known for working with the finest in gospel including Richard Smallwood, Donnie McClurkin, Vickie Winans, Maurette Brown Clark, and countless others, and Kenneth Shelton, an up-and-coming songwriter, producer and arranger, who’s been called upon to work with artists such as Jonathan Nelson & Purpose and the Choir Boyz. The choir is led by a capable and gifted group of directors including Miranda Johnson, Yvonne Savage, Curtis Spencer and Kenneth Shelton, CRL’s Minister of Music.

One of the many things that make this recording so special is that choir members and directors penned all of the tracks. Inspired by sermons by Stokes, the songs are taken directly from scripture. The S. Ford Music release opens with the rousing, infectious “He Reigns”, a song about the supremacy of God. Flanked by a riveting horn section and the sound of spirit-filled voices, it’s perfect as a church service opener. Stellar Award Nominee Jessica Greene lends her flawless vocals to the biblically-inspired “Thy Word”.

Prepare for a “good ole time” with the traditional feel of the CD’s title tune, “He Healed Them All”. A certain hand-clapper, the lively track is penned by Shelton, James “Judah” Patterson, and Monet Shelton. The CD’s lead single showcases the strong vocals of The Bishop Jerome And Marsha Stokes Young Adult Choir (also known as JMS). The song is so good it gets its own celebratory reprise, perfect for “gettin’ a step in”. The CD’s second single is the festive “God Is Great”, penned by Shelton and Sanders-Johnson. Many will love the sincerity and emotion of “Calvary” and the passionate delivery of “Living Well”. Stellar Award Winner Jonathan Nelson lends his recognizable vocals to the encouraging song, “I Pray Your Faith Won’t Fail”.

Director Savage has an affinity for a particular song on the new CD. “My favorite song, ‘Faith That Conquerors’, really speaks to me personally,” says Yvonne. “I was diagnosed in October of 2006 with Breast Cancer. Today I am fully healed. This song reflects my testimony, ‘For without faith, it's impossible to please the Lord’. Miranda Sanders-Johnson, another director, is grateful for the song the Lord gave her, the beautiful track, “In His Presence”. She says, “This song is so dear to me because God inspired me to write it when I was at a place where I couldn't hear Him. I told Him how badly I wanted to be in His presence and He responded by saying, ‘Just talk to me’. The song reflects that.”

Because the singers and directors poured their hearts and talents into He Healed Them All, it makes this an incredibly relevant and personal project. Recordings from young adults are rare, but that’s not the only thing that makes this one a winner. It’s the true commitment and love for God that shines through the notes. Spencer has witnessed it first hand. He says, “JMS is an anointed group of talented young adults who are true worshipers truly on fire for God. JMS has the ability to change the atmosphere wherever they minister.” Shelton agrees. “I've been involved in choirs and gospel groups all my life, and JMS by far is the most sincere, heartfelt group of young people I've ever encountered,” says the director. “The character of JMS is the character of our Pastor, which reflects Christ.”

Bishop Jerome Stokes, pastor of Baltimore’s Church of the Redeemed of the Lord, is known as one of today’s most popular preachers. The church is listed by Outreach Magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing churches touting a membership of over 7,000. Seen worldwide, his television and radio broadcasts have made him a nationally-recognized figure.

Named in honor of their pastor, The Bishop Jerome And Marsha Stokes Young Adult Choir is a welcomed addition to the world of gospel music. In an industry where few releases target young adult choirs, this one is delivered with excellence and sets the bar high for others that may come behind it. Church choir directors nationwide should celebrate the introduction of The Bishop Jerome And Marsha Stokes Young Adult Choir’s He


He Healed Them All, S. Ford Music, 2008