Richmond, Virginia, USA

Future music and here is Comments from my fans "Capri-Ceo" WOW! You done brought something NEW to the table.And I must say that THAT IZ BANGIN!! I can�t wait to hear what you cerate next Kelley Krueger Very Nyce Produktion Skillz !!! Clean Sounding Arrangementz !


I'm JMusiz a music producer I do HipHop,R&B,Pop,Dance music and a BMI member I started back in 1991 writing songs for local artists and from there I want on to DJ party and mix tapes in 1994 than in 1995 I hookup with a local artist and I put out a single call "She told She love me" in local record shops and than in 2000 I started producing working with local artist in 2005 I got to work with first priority music in New York the home of Milk Dee and Mc Lyte and Eamon and Codaray i did the track "king of the dance" on Codaray myspace page and demo was master by Herb Powers Jr. and I'm just starting to work with major artist Chris Doran from the UK I also work with Jerome"Bigfoot"Brailey from the band p-funk and etc........


In love with u

Written By: JMusiz

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