Sensual Acoustic pop with Jazz and Folk overtones, gorgeous female vocals and sophisticated artistry.


J&A combine the talents of 4 seasoned professional musicians with the unique writing chemistry of it's two founders, Johanna (pronounced Yo-hanna) and Aaron. Their influences range from Johanna's extensive Jazz and R n' B background through Aaron's vast experience in Jazz, Rock, Country, Celtic and Worldbeat honed through his 5-year stint as guitarist with the internationally known stage show Barrage. Their style expresses a unique blend of sensitivity, passion and musical intelligence.



Written By: Young / Sillanpaa

Describe the way
Describing the way that I fell for you
Many moons ago

Describe the way,
Describing the ways how my heart would ache
Seems impossible

I hear you voice, in another time or place
If I had to choose again,
Would you be the one I choose

Describe the way,
Describing the ways that you fell for me
Can you still recall

Describe the ways,
Describe yourself wrapped up in my embrace
Do you sometimes long

Do you still see me, or did I fade away
If you had to choose again,
Would you still turn and walk away

Those tender nights, are still with me
Oh darling how I, how I long to hear you,
Say you love me, say


I hear your voice, in another time or place
If I had to choose again,
If I had to choose again
If I had to choose again…
Baby, you would be the one I choose…


Written By: Young / Sillanpaa

Those are big shoes for u to fill
You never thought you could measure up
Nothings ever good enough for him
And so his little boy grew up

That’s a big blow for a young boy to take
But you are still your mother’s son
Even though she never was around for you
You choose to leave it all behind

So hear me out love,

You can’t blame it on me love,
If you need someone to blame it on, have yourself
But you can’t blame it on me love,
No, no,no,no

That’s a big steps you need to take
If you wanna change, you’re the one who can
Now you, act like, I’m not good enough for you
You’re the spitting image of your old man,
So hear me out love,


Baby go head, and blame
Go head and blame yourself
Go head and blame
You should go head and blame yourself

You can blame it on your father,
Or your non-existent mother
Don’t blame it on your lover



Upcoming CD (February 2004) - 'Labour of Love'

Set List

Better Thing
So Long Marie
I Found Myself
Don't Let her In

All The Things You Are
True Colors
Castles Made Of Sand
Up From The Skies
Green Eyes
Nearness Of You
Time After Time
Learning How To Fly
In My Life

Depending on venue, sets range from 1 to 2 - 45 min. sets