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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"CD Review"

Wow, this is fantastic. Judging by the cover design, I was expecting some polished pop rock without much in the way of guts, but man I shouldn't have been so naiive! The music of J'Nai is raw and punchy alternative rock in the vein of Flyleaf or a darker Paramore, and is extremely well composed and performed. The vocals of J'Nai herself are reminiscent of former Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm but with added touches of Gwen Stefani and legendary fruitcake Inger Lorre of early 90's alt-rock greats The Nymphs, and her tones work perfectly over the music.

Speaking of which, that's some damn fine music the gents in the band have cooked up, with barely-contained rage beating you in the head with riffs at one moment, and lifting you up with alt-pop euphoria the next. "Skipping Stones", "Defeat Them All" and "Share My Life" are particularly outstanding songs, but the whole thing oozes confidence and quality.

At just seven tracks long, this mini-album promises a great deal and very nearly delivers. If there had been another three or four tracks on there, then it would have made for a brilliant album (and a higher rating), but as it is, it leaves you wanting more. A superb release for those with a taste for something different. Check them out and make your own mind up. Powerpoints: 7 out of 10.

Andrew Hawnt - Power Play Magazine

"J'Nai - "J'Nai" EP Review"

J'Nai is derived from the phrase "Je Ne Sais Quoi" (something that cannot be adequately described or expressed) and the name of the singer in question here, a visually dynamic singer/songwriter with influences ranging Paramore, Evanescence and The Pretty Reckless through to Heart.

"Skipping Stones" enters in a bouncy, rocking, sticky sweet kind'a way with J'Nai Ricasio's lead vocals taking prevalence of the musical equation. The vocalist's 2.5 octave range comes into play throughout rather brilliantly on tracks like "Accident" with its electro vibe, and "Defeat Them All", with its Paramore inspiration coming to the fore in large doses, especially on the vocal parts, but with the instrumentation side of the process sliding into Evanescence territory, and with a J-Rock power pop slant throughout but only ever slightly so.

The electro elements play a big part on this particular release but its that infectious vocal that keeps you, the listener, drawn in and interested to the overall sound of J'nai the band and person on tunes such as "Share My Life", and the quirky, hooky "Everyday" concludes things for the EP.

Rob Watkins - Uber Rock Magazine - Uber Rock Magazine

"New Metal Diva about to Explode - J'Nai Rocks"

Submitted by Bill Delingat - CashBoxCanada.ca

It has been awhile since we have seen new blood in the heavy rock scene of Canada especially a female, From coast to coast Canadian female rockers have pranced the stages with spandy and glitter, blowing away their audiences from their looks and their tunes. Darby Mills of the Headpins, Lee Aaron the "Heavy Metal Queen" and the dark tunes of Caroline Kawa aka Care Failure of Die Mannequin have all help pave the way on the road of rock n roll. Now in the new dawn of humanity, rises a hot burning star, with an innocent smile that will melt your heart to the sidekicks that would knock your jaw off, J'nai is making big moves in the "Live Houses" across Canada.

The band consisting of Ritchie Nguyen on lead guitar, Stephen Nakamura on rhythm, Dave Alcordo on bass and Rui Cimbron on drums are fronted by academy trained vocalist J'nai Ricasio. J'nai started singing at the age of eight and had gone on to win numerous vocal contests from Globalreach Canada "MobiStar" Grand Championship in 2008 and the following year, J'nai won the Toronto "Pinoy Idol" Teen championship. In 2012 she was back at the cultural event, supporting part of her family heritage with a spot at their Mabuhay festival at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, this time with the full band lineup. J'nai kept them mesmerized with her charm and vocal range. Since that inaugural day, the band has appeared and opened for legendary rockers like Vince Neil at the Phoenix nightclub, Queensryche, Y & T and appropriately Japan's own Loudness coming in May 2013 to Toronto's Rockpile as Stephen Nakamura's heritage is that of the "Rising Sun" as well ,expect an killer show that night.

J'nai has signed a deal to compose soundtrack themes for TNGA INC., a Canadian independent film production company starting with a feature film "Fangs of War", and a production/management deal with Plato's Cave Entertainment, for the release of her self-titled debut CD "J'nai".

The tune "Accident" from the CD is a fine example of what this group is all about. With J'nai doubling on keyboards, the tune starts off with an electro pop style opening with sultry vocals as the hard pulled chords of the guitars start to build on a solid bass and drum riff. With the band ready to kick in, we see the harder side of J'nai as her chorus "Accident" kicks us square in the solar plexus, then she brings us back down to an Evanescence kind of trance. Just when we think it is safe to take a breath, we are thrown back in the ring for the chorus crescendos. This time we find ourselves singing along to the catchy hook. As a rock Banshee, J'nai has taken us on a little trip on the Check them out at their CMW Showcase on the 20th a Cherry Cola's or if you need a pep talk first, reach in the fridge and get a cold one and watch "Accident" on You Tube. You may need a second one after that.

- Cashbox Canada

"Queensryche Toronto Show Review"

...it was the second act up that stole the show for the collection of local bands setting the stage for Queensryche. - Decibal Geek

"First Rock Show of Year One - Vince Neil Band at the Phoenix"

Submitted by Bill Delingat
Photo Credit: Tracey Savein

122112 this date had a lot of significance as according to some calendars it was day Number one of year Number one.

What away to start it off with a great rock concert at the Phoenix nightclub as Vince Neil and his band revved up the crowd. Neil was playing in the band “Rock Candy”, back in 1981 when he was asked to join Motley Crue along with his good friend Tommy Lee sitting on the drum Kit. The rest is heavy metal history. Neil released his third well received solo album called Tattoos & Tequila.

The touring Vince Neil band consists of members of Slaughter Dana Strum -bass (Slaughter) Zolton Chaney - drums (Slaughter) and Keri Kelli - guitar (formerly of Adler's Appetite) The band was wailing with tunes starting off with “Live Wire “ and right into Feelgood” ,the set continued with Tattoos and Tequila ,along with Home Sweet Home, Go away mad and S.O.S. Neil took a break as the band did a great Zeppelin medley. Neal was having fun with almost sold out crowd at the Phoenix, where the show was moved to from the Rockpile nightclub in Etobicoke. The set ended off with “Kick Start, Girls, Girls, Girls and of course Wild side.

Neil was at full steam and the band were full of energy especially Chaney on drums who was like a show in his own, constantly moving as he slammed down on the drum the kit.

Opening the show was a local band called J’nai, who have been getting a lot of attention in this hard rock market and will be opening up for Queensryche in their Toronto march date. - Cashbox magazine

"A Cancelled Show Doesn't Stop The Rock!"

The other band to command the stage was "J'nai", a new band that had recently opened up for Vince Neil in Toronto back in December. J'nai is both the name of the band as well as the name of the female singer/songwriter that fronts the band. Her band is comprised of Dave (Bass Guitar), Richie (Lead Guitar), Rui (Drums) and Steve (Rhythm Guitar) and they mean business.

Playing songs from their self titled debut CD, the music is hard edged, very melodic and meticulously played. Well rehearsed these guys are incredibly tight, yet they also know how to entertain. Most often I find that when a band is really tight, it sometimes happens at the expense of "entertainment" and the bands stand still focusing on their guitars. J'nai have developed quite a show for both the ears and the eyes with choreographed stage moves that sets them apart from many young bands and was both refreshing and entertaining.

J'nai the singer is certainly the focal point of the band and she dances her way across the stage with a very unique stage presence. They peppered their set with just enough cover songs to keep things interesting including a killer version Heart's "Barracuda" and ending the set with Guns and Roses "Welcome to the Jungle". J'nai is making some waves up here and getting booked in support of some great acts (Uli Roth and Queensryche). "Skipping Stones" is an original that really stood out, and after having it running through my head most of the next day I added it to my music collection. Looking forward to seeing another show soon.

Check out J'nai at http://www.jnai.ca/index.php the debut Cd including "Skipping stones" is available through itunes - Decibel Geek


Still working on that hot first release.



About J'Nai...

Jnai - etymology: derived from the phrase "Je ne sais quoi" (something that cannot be adequately described or expressed).

Born and raised in her youth in Saudi Arabia, and now based in Toronto Canada,the journey through life that J'Nai Ricasio has taken has had a profound effect on her artistic development. Her entire childhood was spent under the stifling Saudi Arabian male centric culture and as an ethnic minority of Filipino extraction, constantly hidden beneath her burka along with her fears and emotional experiences, J'Nai withdrew into an imaginary world where music reigned supreme.

It quickly became her security blanket where she could escape from the world outside and as her parents ecouraged her creative curiosity and supported her early musical development by making musical instruments available to her, she soon developed her skills on the piano and guitar to such a level where she was able to create her own songs. A sweet and bubbly young woman on the outside, her lyrics often evoke a dark, edgy storyline that exposes another layer of her personality that one would be hard pressed to discover if not for her music.

J'Nai is a visually dynamic singer songwriter with a 2.5 octave range, ensconced within the Alternative Rock vein similar in style to artists such as Flyleaf, Paramore, The Pretty Reckless, and Halestorm. Her energy level when performing live is akin to a lit stick of dynamite.

Towards the end of 2012, J'Nai had begun to garner rave reviews in the Toronto club scene and began opening for internationally acclaimed artists such as Queensryche, The Michael Schenker Group, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Y&T, Faster Pussycat and The Bullet Boys, as well as performing at Vans Warped 2013. The band had impressed Live Nation enough for them to also feature the band as opening act for Icon For Hire's Toronto appearance at the Mod Club in November 2013.

Further to this, J'Nai was named Global Ambassador for Youth Day Toronto, an annual celebration of emerging young talent staged at Yonge & Dundas Square every July and will be the featured headline performer at this event for 2014.

Supported by a highly skilled, remarkably entertaining and visually compelling 4 piece rhythm section, J'Nai is certain to make a substantial name for herself and her band in the year 2014.

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