JNH Band

JNH Band

 Lakeville, Minnesota, USA

In the fall of 2006 JNH was offered a staring role in a television show called “The Stage.” The show was broadcasted all over southern Minnesota and all of South Dakota. It aired at prime time evening for a little more than an hour.


Between their busy show dates and their passion to please with music, JNH has been planning for a CD release January of 2008. They have been working with a studio out of Minneapolis called Sonic Works. Ben Larson and Chris Choe (owners of sonic works) have been working diligently with JNH to create a sound that is unique yet captures the essence of the band. At the start of their studio adventure JNH wanted to create a working demo. A product that offered six strong songs, yet after a short time in the studio they quickly decided to produce a full length album (10-12 songs).

In the fall of 2006 JNH was offered a staring role in a television show called “The Stage.” The show was broadcasted all over southern Minnesota and all of South Dakota. It aired at prime time evening for a little more than an hour. This Television show offered JNH an opportunity to head line a tour back to Sioux Falls for a end of summer festival hosted by Nutty’s (a Sioux Falls bar and grill) and The Stage.

It wasn’t long after JNH was born that they were opening for such local super stars as GB Leighton and Tim Mahoney. Those experiences lent them an opportunity to steal a little needed knowledge from seasoned musicians. This is what JNH needed to achieve such events as Make a Wish in Chicago. They volunteered their time for this large event to benefit terminally ill children. “It was worth every mile, moment, and dime to make it to this event for the cause” Said Jud. Chicago opened its doors for JNH in August of 2006. This was clearly the start of a touring career for this band. City to city, state to state JNH has captivated their audiences with their harmonies and passion for what they do best.


Don't Leave Me

Written By: Jud Hailey

Hello baby darling girl it's so nice to see your smile
step out for a little, left me in the dark for a while
eyes staring at the ground, I may be a little needy
cold brush of your shoulder, left me feelings of freezing
But I have so much faith, in you and me____________


Don't leave me, take my hand tell me you need me
cause it's so nice to have your hart with me
cause it's so nice to know your staring at me, me, me

I got to be honest, I got to show how I feel, I got to do the best I can
maybe I was too lost, Maybe I was never here, Maybe I was less of a man
but never once did think it would come to this, finding my way through this maze
my mind racing faster than my first kiss, it was easy to go through the 2nd case


Written By: Jud hailey

All the reasons given needing more clarity
she can say all she'd like but its still infidelity
But belief is such a comfort, knowing nothing's going change
we'll never stray from this path were on, but still it will fade
it makes life so tough knowing you could wonder off
when I receive a cold shoulder, once so tender and so soft

You can stair into the mirror trying to change all your fears
you can dry your tears but if it doesn't feel right, it will never feel right

I miss the conversations, you were right in line with me
wave lengths coinciding, oh___________similarities
but you thought you could make it right by a smile on your face
you've gone and drifted so damn far_____________
miss prefect's done no wrong, but that's just not the case
Now a perfect stranger, its gone to far_________

I want to feel the passion and the tears we once cried
I want to know the love again and to think it's never died


Written By: Jud Hailey

I am the manager of a convenience store
I burn my ass off bare to the bone
I wish I never fired my employees
cause then I'd have more time for me

I have a nice house a car and a boat
But I never get any time with those
I have a girlfriend a kid and a cat
But I never get any time with them

It's this it's that it's everything between
It's this it's that it's everything I need
It's this it's I am running out of time
It's this it's that I am needing more time

I bring my camera everywhere I go
Cause I keep my memories very close
Not sure why everyone is tell me to get it together
You try sitting, standing and everything between



Album Name: JNH
Produced By: Jud Hailey and Ben Larson
Studio: Sonica works
Release Year:2008

Song Titles:
Seven Days**
Story of us
Don't Waste my Time
The Way I Feel
Hang on*
Finding My Way
Not Enough Time

**Title Track

Set List

List Of Songs:


"Just Say the Word" Josh Kelly
"Crash" DMB
"Push" MatchBox Twenty
"Beautiful Wreck" Shawn Mullins
"Think of me" Keith Urban
"Good" Better Than Ezra
"I Will Remember you" Sarah McLachlan
"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" The Proclaimers
"Closing Time" SemiSonic
"Friends In Low Places" Garth Brooks
"Buffilo Soilder" Bob Marley
"Basket Case" Green Day
"All for you" Sister Hazel
"Karate" Tencious D
"Big Me" Foo Fighters
"Push and Pull" Nikka Costa
"Knockin on Heavens Door" Bob Dillan
"Jumper" Third eye Blind
"But For the Grace of God" Keith Urband
"Cab" Train


"There You Are" JNH
"Story of Us" JNH
"Don't Leave Me" JNH
"Needy" JNH
"Seven Day's" JNH
"Why Are You Here" JNH
"Sorry" JNH
"Lost Cause" JNH
"Change" JNH
"Simple Dreams" JNH
"Not Enough Time" JNH
"I Promise(I won't let the memory pass)"JNH
"Thinking Too Much" JNH
"Don't Waist My Time" JNH
"Better Times" JNH
"Hanging On" JNH
"Like I Do" JNH
"Mirror" JNH
"Why D