Miami, Florida, USA
BandHip Hop

“All I offer to my listeners is myself, be it my experiences or perspective on life... I tend to let the music speak for itself.” – J. NiCS


J. NiCS (Born Justin Nicholas) was born in the heart of Miami at North Shore Hospital. He grew up bouncing around throughout different parts of Miami via Carol City, Liberty City, Norland (Uptown Dade) , & Little Haiti. Living in a single parent household, He maintained a very distant relationship with his biological father. His stepfather ended up going to prison when he was growing up so his Mother was forced to be absent from home slaving at work in order to provide for her 3 children. Being the oldest, NiCS felt a certain responsibility for taking care of his younger brother and sister, Which forced him to become a man before his time.

As a youth bouncing around through different neighborhoods, NiCS never got too attached to many people in his age group. A loner, He caught himself learning from the older individuals in whatever hood he relocated to at the time. Drawn to their knowledge, These Men provided a completely different outlook on everything. Even though society would never call these individuals “Role Models”, they were all his teachers in life. Pimps, Hustlers, Murderers, and Thieves all treated him with love and respect, and all helped mold him into the person he is today.

Like most who are forced to grow up fast NiCS started rebelling toward Society, his Family, and any other authority figure standing in his way, which is what initially drew him to Hip Hop. The art form embodies all those feelings and emotions of rebellion, and he felt like this was something he could relate to and call his own. As many other African American Males in America though, He couldn’t escape the easy access to Drugs, Alcohol and Violence in the streets of Miami. Growing tired of the “Street Life” a new passion burned in him to express himself through the art of music. Hip Hop gave him a new place to concentrate all of his energy, and also a platform to share his life with others.


J. NiCS Presents ... Dirty Sneakers (2009)
The Stimulus Package EP (September 2010)
Champion Rizla EP (February 2011)
SNAS: The Tribute (November 2011)