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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


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Today's Special (Compilation/Mixtape)
Singles - Brighter Side feat vans and tony
Fly Love Song

I have streaming radio airplay on USA4Real, WeMix, Facebook, Myspace, Talent Hub, and Reddrum Radio.



"I let my words paint pictures for like seven years/and for like seven years/I ain't let nobody here/but I think it's time for me to flip the scripture/cause insecurities is the devil's elixir" - J.O (Uplift, Today's Special)
I open this bio with a line because I feel my music speaks more about me than I can speak about myself otherwise. I remember being in creative writing classes and english classes and we would have our poetry unit and we would have to write poems as an assignment at some point, some people would work on theirs all week or however long, i did mine right before class in like 10 minutes or so and I always got really good marks and the teachers enjoyed them. I guess I never realized I really enjoyed it until I turned my first poem into a rap and then I just starting going and going and now I can't stop! The truth is I grew up with great music around me, Hip Hop and R&B were a staple in my life since I was a kid. I grew up with siblings who were considerably older and that age gap has given me resources to represent different generations through my music. My Music is an expression of me, and those around me, emotion at any time, therefore i'm not pigeonholed by any box or any typecast. The listener's of today listen to all types of music, therefore I represent all types of music. "Influenced by 'Ye and Jay/ I was raised by Big and Pac" (Get It, Today's Special), although this line references Hip Hop legends, my influences stem from legends of all genres. I don't mention my name in their breath but the sound I go for is the legendary sound. I have opened up a couple of shows, headlined one, and I have done numerous open mics. I feel that the music speaks for itself and the passion on stage is felt by the people who see it and hear it. "I am a movement I am this moment/Give power to the mic, I am an exponent" (Get It, Today's Special).