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"The Parallel Universe of Joana Rios"

“Joana Rios has created a parallel universe. An alternative dimension not only made of music worlds but also of life. She sings in Portuguese, using inflexions, musicality and the rhythm of the lyrics to provoke senses (…)” - Destak

""Universos Paralelos""

After the first record “Joana Rios Sings Ella Fitzgerald: Live at the Hot Club”, Joana Rios edits now “Universos Paralelos”. Premiering in composition (she wrote eight of the ten songs in this record) Joana Rios brings us a record which is a pleasant surprise in every aspect, be it because of her warm accurate voice, the right arrangements, the graphical conception of the CD or the repertoire chosen. But the quality of the songs presented must be the ultimate quality of the the record. There are two covers completely rearranged “Cais” (Milton Nascimento/Ronaldo Bastos) and “4 Elementos” (Joyce/Paulo César Pinheiro) and eight original songs which come no shorter than the previous ones. “Revelação” is a tremendous song, with one of the best refrains heard in the Portuguese panorama. “Estelar” is surprising at all levels. “O tempo a que te expões”, “Sempre a Pergunta” possess a poetic and vocal beauty absolutely memorable. “Aurora Luz” is outstanding and “Desde El Principio” exhales sensuality. In another review I wrote MPB (brazilian popular music) is still alive and breathing, well “Universos Paralelos” seems to be doing the same for the Portuguese music.” - A Luz do Meu Caminho


LP "3 desejos" (2009)
LP "Universos Paralelos" (2007)
LP "Joana Rios Sings Ella Fitzgerald" (2005)



Joana Rios is an outstanding Portuguese singer and songwriter, with three albums previously released.
Joana Rios presented her latest album entitled “3 Desejos” (three wishes), at the Winter Garden of São Luiz Municipal Theatre, in Lisbon having perfomed extensively throughout Portugal namely in Sines, Guimarães (CC Vila-Flôr), Bragança (TMB), Torre de Moncorvo, Redondo, Gouveia and so many other fantastic locations.
Joana Rios was in 2010 the voice of an advertising campaign of the island of Azores which was featured in television and radio.
Joana Rios was also in 2010 the voice of an anthem towards the non-discrimination of immigrants (Acidi) featuring many popular artists.
By late 2008, she produced and arranged David Ferreira’s debut album “This Can’t Be Love”, which has received high praise from the public and critique.
In January 2008, she commenced the “Universos Paralelos” tour which received tremendous reviews having sung in important venues, namely in Portugal. Joana Rios also performed outside Portugal namely in the USA and in several TV shows and interviews, in RTP, SIC and TVI channels.
João Gobern, in Máxima magazine, a music critic in Portugal, considered Joana Rios, one of the finest voices in Portugal.
“Universos Paralelos” – her second record - was released in September 2007, and is best described as a crossover between Jazz and Pop, being comprised of ten songs, two of which are covers from Brazilian legend Milton Nascimento (“Cais”) and from Joyce (“4 Elementos”).
The CD currently sells in stores and on-line through I Tunes and other music portals.
Prior to “Universos Paralelos” Joana Rios did a tribute album to the late Ella Fitzgerald. The album had a huge success peaking number one at major retail stores which led to extensive touring with many memorable performances such as in Luanda, Angola.
Joana Rios’ career began when she was 17 years-old, singing jazz standards and bossa-nova. Having received a Berklee scholarship - which she did not pursuit - she eventually became a jazz vocal teacher at a prestigious music school until the year 2007/2008 when Joana Rios decided to devote herself totally to her music career.
Joana Rios was born in Lisbon, in the 7th of May, 1976.