Joan Hammel

Joan Hammel

 Grayslake, Illinois, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

A high quality, award winning vocalist supported by a five piece band performing mainstream covers of the greatest hits of pop and rock music along with original songs. Performs well for festivals, theatres, opening for others and comfortable in large and small venues. A warm personality on stage.


Joan grew up in Lake County, IL in a musical family, and studied voice and instruments privately, in school and at church. She performs live as well as appearing in commercials, on television, in films, and on radio.

Joan has been nominated for Pop Entertainer of the Year by the Chicago Music Awards five times. (Other nominees have been R. Kelly, Kanye West, Mavis Staples and Jennifer Hudson.) Her album joanland was included on the Grammy Awards Nominations Ballot in mutiple categories.

The Illinois Arts Council placed Joan on the Illinois ArtsTour Roster of artists. ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) gave her their fourth ASCAPLUS Writer's Award, where a panel of music experts recognize active writers in the early and midstages of their careers with cash and recognition. The YWCA of Lake County awarded Joan their Women of Achievement Award in the Arts category. The Robert M. MacNamara Foundation has awarded her one of its residencies for composing new music.

Her first full length CD entitled joanland is a collection of 11 original songs performed by Joan and a variety of talented musicians. Appearing are members of the Cryan' Shames and blues legend Corky Siegel, as well as Skip Griparis of the Major League movies among others. The album has been picked up by all of the major legal download sites like iTunes and is available for purchase at Borders, Best Buy and other big box locations.

Joan was also the vocalist on the recording of Oh Lady Di in honor of the late Princess of Wales benefiting her Foundation and charities, and America honoring the victims of 9-11. The America recording led to Joan being chosen by Washington for a nine-day USO tour to entertain the troops including New Year's Eve in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The song has also been chosen for the Flight 93 Memorial website in California and was one of about 40 songs from around the world chosen for inclusion in the Artists' Registry for the National 9-11 Memorial in NY.

Other performance highlights include appearing as a headliner during the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and working all around the globe in places like the Caribbean and Las Vegas, including Caesar's Palace. She has shared billing with entertainers like Buddy Rich, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks, the Chi-Lites, the Cryan’ Shames, David Sanborn, Brenda Russell, Shirley King, Taj Mahal, Johnny Frigo, Frank Mantooth, Rare Earth, James Moody and the Second City Comedy Troupe. She has sung at Holy Name Cathedral many times. She was thrilled to perform a concert as a part of acclaimed cellist Yoyo Ma's yearlong Silk Road project in Chicago.

Commercials and television work include working with a variety of sports legends like Mike Ditka, Dan Hampton, and Dr. Julius Irving. Film work includes working with stars like Bill Murray, Robert DeNiro, Andie MacDowell, Dolly Parton, James Woods among others. The film Last Day in Chicago, in which she had a starring role, won its division of the Chicago International Film Festival.

The Chicago Tribune listed her as one of the best shows to listen to when she hosted and produced The Midday Show at ABC Radio affiliate WKRS, the first woman to do so, winning the Lake County Women’s Coalition’s Woman in Communications Award and Illinois’ Public Health Association Media Award. She currently hosts a show for WaukTown radio, and shows are available online and through iTunes. She has done shows with James Brown, Steve Allen, Richard Marx, Alan Thicke, Bart Starr, Jim Otto, Astronaut Jim Lovell, chef Jacques Pepin, Elektra Records founder Jack Holzman, Jennifer O'Neill, Livingston Taylor, Alan Osmond, Robert Guillaume, Joe Bonsall (Oak Ridge Boys), Statler Brothers' Don Reid, Dr. Elmo (Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer), HGTV's Room by Room hosts Matt and Shari, Dick Van Patten, original Mouseketeer Lonnie Burr, Lance Armstrong's personal coach Chris Carmichael, Janis Joplin and BOH guitarist Sam Andrew, and Hemingway’s travel companion, A.E. Hotchner, as well as covering a variety of local and national issues.

She has been a spokesperson for Jessica McClintock, Liz Claiborne, Microsoft, Anheuser Busch, and Toyota. Some of the honors she has received include being named to Who’s Who in Entertainment, Who’s Who in the Midwest, Who’s Who in Music, Who’s Who of American Women, and the International Who’s Who of Music in London. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Columbia. "It’s Fun To be Fit!", a television program she worked on at CBS TV Chicago, won an Emmy for Best Children’s Program. At the same station, she also worked on the "Daybreak" show and some of her favorite guests included Jimmy Dean, Roger Miller, Jack Hanna, Jack Hemingway, Jack Brickhouse, Sid Caesar, Virginia Graham, Janet Leigh, the Joffrey Ballet, and the Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe.

She served on the Board of Governors in Chicago for the GRAMMYs for many years, and was a part of the first female President/Vice President team in Aca


All Along

Written By: S.Wilkerson/R. Goodrum

All Along

I've been watching you from a distance
Trying to put the pieces back in place.
In your heart I sense a resistance.
It's time for you to say good-bye to yesterday.
What you had was good by now it's gone.
Ain't it just like love to be so strong.

All along
You were right there waiting for me patiently.
All Along
I was chasing dream after dream on my own.
I spent all my time trying to find the right star to wish upon.
I never knew that it was you all along.

You seem to regret how it holds you
Wrapped around your soul like a winter chill
Would you let it go if I told you that I've always loved you and I always
What you had was good but now it's gone.
Ain't it just like love to be so strong

Repeat chorus

Boardwalk Angel

Written By: Joan Hammel

Boardwalk Angel

Boardwalk Angel, you are the one.
You are the earth, the moon, the sun.
A piece of heaven from the sky.
Boardwalk Angel, let’s go fly.

Let’s fly o’er a sea of bliss.
What I’d give for just one kiss.
Shining eyes. A heart of gold.
Boardwalk Angel, save my soul.

A truer love could not be known.
You are my one, my world, my own.
A simpler truth could not be told.
For all time to have and hold.

Instrumental solo

You said I’ve saved you, that’s a fact.
Well you saved me right back.
Rainbow dust on your face.
Boardwalk Angel. Amazing Grace.

Repeat chorus

Boardwalk Angel, ‘til I grow old.

Give It To Me Straight

Written By: Hammel/Bartels

Give It To Me Straight

I'm holdin' out hope
But hope ain't no friend of mine
It's let me down so many times before
I've heard lots of stories
Don't know what's true
But I know I gotta hear it from you

Give it to me straight
Don't muddy the water
I'm ready for the truth
Let me see
Give it to me straight
Don't muddy the water
I'm ready for the truth
Set me free

You say that you love me and
You want to be mine
But I see what your feeling
When I look in your eyes
Have you forsaken
The love that we shared?
Or was I mistaken to think that you cared?

Repeat chrous

You told me you loved me
You seemed so sincere
But don't tell me things
You think I want to hear
If you're trying not to hurt me
I think yo should know
It's what yo don't say
That hurts me so

Repeat chorus

He Asked Me to Dance

Written By: Eric Smyth

He Asked Me To Dance

Wll, I stand beside him, right beside him
A guy like this I've never seen before
Well he couldn't be kinder tell me how to find him
A guy like this is on ein a million
Can you help me to the floor

He asked me to dance tonight
I'm not sure of his name
I know those eyes
It's no surprise I'm caught up in this game
He asked me to dance tonight
I'm not sure what to say
He holds me tight throughout the night
I sure wish I knew his name

His look was heavenly
His hair, his eyes, his smile was gleaming
A guy like this I've never seen before
Well, could I be dreamin'?
If I wake up, will I be screaming?
A guy like this is one in a million
Can you help me to the floor?

He said, "May I have this dance?"

He asked me to dance
Was he looking for romance?

He asked me to dance.

I Saw You Today

Written By: Joan Hammel

I Saw You Today II

I saw you today,
And when I looked into your eyes
I saw all the things we'd been.

And when I saw you today,
I remember how our lives
Found the place where love begins.

Love changes as it goes.
Why it does, who knows?
And though our lives will never be the same,
A flame still remains.

When I saw you today,
It felt like yesterday,
Like no time had passed us by.
And then I realized,
That's it's been a long, long time
and I stopped to wonder why...

Repeat chorus

When I saw you today,
I saw two hearts in love
Who could not find their way.
And when I saw you today,
I saw two people who
Chose to turn and walk away.

Learn to Fly

Written By: Hammel/Bartels

Learn to Fly

Remember the tears, remember the dreams, remember the laughter.
Remember the fears, remember the fun, and all we chased after.

Times we were scared. Secrets we shared. All was worth a try.
I'll always know that you were there when I learned to fly.

There was a time when everyday was a beginning,
When all of our hopes were realized just by wishing.
Look in your heart, remember those dreams, they can still come true.

Here we are now, many years past. Funny how times goes by.
I want you to know I'm always here and you can learn to fly.

Repeat Chorus

Love Prevails

Written By: Hammel/Bartels

Love Prevails

Verse 1
If I had a choice,
Id give the child a voice
So they could speak of all the things
they find inside their dreams.

Verse 2
And if you saw their dreams,
Youd see a world of peace
Where theres enough to eat.
Tell me can you see?

A world where hope fills our hearts
A world where everyones free
A world where love prevails

Verse 3 (Child)
Theres a light for all to see.
It shines upon each child like me.
We have a choice of hate or love.
Please choose love!



Written By: Hammel/Bartels


I feel myself falling
and I hear myself calling out to you in the dark of the night.

Softly I touch you
and I feel our souls pass through one another to become one in the night.

I never thought I could feel thsi way,
So close and yet worlds away.

Timeless and drifitng
I feel my heart lifting as high as the stars in the sky.


Full Length LP titled "joanland"
Single "America"
Single "Wind on the Water"
Single "Oh Lady Di"

Set List

We usually perform either an hour show, or multiple sets at 45 minutes each. We do a combination of some of the following songs:

Uptempo tunes
All I Wanna Do: Sheryl Crowe
Bad Moon Rising: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Boardwalk Angel: Joan Hammel
Brown Eyed Girl: Van Morrison
Brighter Than the Sun: Colbie Caillat
Cabaret: Broadway
Come to My WIndow: Melissa Etheridge
Cupid: Sam Cooke
Dancin’ In The Streets: Martha & Vandellas
Fly Me to The Moon: Frank Sinatra
Get Back Home to You: Joan Hammel
Hey Good Lookin: Hank Williams
I Can See Clearly Now: Johnny Nash
I Love Being Here with You: Peggy Lee
Last Dance: Donna Summer
Love Sneakin Up on You: Bonnie Raitt
My Baby: Joan Hammel
Run Like the Wind: Joan Hammel
Save the Last Dance for Me: Michael Buble
See Ya!: Joan Hammel
Shame on You: Indigo Girls
Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Stevie Wonder
Soak Up the Sun: Sheryl Crowe
Something to Talk About: Bonnie Raitt
Thousand Years: Christina Perri
Turn The Beat