joan huntsberry

joan huntsberry

 Louisville, Colorado, USA

Female duo Choosing June sings with flavors of Indigo Girls, Michelle Shocked and Ingrid Michaelson. Choosing June covers a range in songs from ballads to pop band sounds. Their soaring vocals and tight harmonies add a unique sound all their own.


Joan Huntsberry currently lives in Boulder Colorado. She has formed a partnership with Julia Knearl, an experienced a capella vocalist. They bring their varied musicial experiences into the unique Choosing June sound. The songwriting style varies from up-tempo to ballads, sensitive to humorous. The foundation of their music is solid songwriting with sophisticated and unusual harmonies.



Written By: Joan Huntsberry

FRAGMENTS J. Huntsberry 2008

Waking up to coffee and the morning sun and you
Humming something vague and quiet nothing much to do
Then you say goodbye and leave for work, a kiss for me
When you’re gone I make a list, of everything we need

Check off the list
Call everyone
Do everything
Think I am done

But the kids they want my help their tears flow easily
My mother’s sick my sister’s called, but she keeps missing me
Then the words start tugging, say “I need attention here”
I tear a sheet of paper, from the notebook I keep near

Check off the list
Call everyone
Do everything
Think I am done

Now it’s three and time for work a teacher’s heart’s required
They need all my inspiration god knows I’m so tired
I cook dinner for some friends, who don’t know when to leave
They drive off I’m on the couch lost deep, in bad tv

Check off the list…

Go to bed with music low and easy book to read
Hoping just a good night’s sleep can give me what I need
You come near me want to touch me I say, go away
Another night of worn out love, don’t care much either way

Check off the list…

Long Road

Written By: Joan Huntsberry

It’s a Long Road jrh april 2008

It’s a long road right to the end
It takes a long time just to begin
And I know I’m going alone
Can’t take you with me’ cause
I’m going home

I’m holding on, holding on to love
A vision of light from heaven above
Don’t need a reason, and answer to why
I’m going to follow the light, one step at a time

One step at a time I’ll walk that straight line
A little each day, I'll walk in the way
Don’t know where I’ll find rest tonight
But I’m moving on and I’m feeling all right

Just follow the Lord
I’m going to follow the Lord
And I’ll be all right


"Under the Jewelberry Tree" "Under the Jewelberry Moon" Children's cd's.