Joan Ice

Joan Ice

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Joan Ice has international appeal with R&B mixed with Neo Soul and a splash of Pop. This singer/songwriter also produces all of her compositions. You will soon find yourself singing along to her catchy lyrics and moving beat. So sit back, relax and enjoy!


Joan Ice was born Adrina Rhinehart in Atlanta, Ga. Growing up, her mother played Al Green and Aretha Franklin who were her early influences of music. Later, with the help of video channels, pop music definately became an interest. This lead to the exploration of all genres of music.
Diversity sets Joan Ice apart from others in the industry. You can actually her many different styles in her songs yet it still has an universal appeal.
Joan has independantly owned a recording studio, managed many local artists, and released her first CD project under the alias "Lady A". Now it is time to "Vamonos".



Written By: Adrina Rhinehart

Chorus: Crucemos..Vamonos
Verse: Woke up this morning
The sun was shining brightly
Take a shower to feel right
I'm fresh to def and so tight

I'm feeling o.k. oh....
Call my friends let's hang today
Come on let's go
Let down the top and turn up the radio

Chorus: Crucemos...Vamonos


"The Phunklords" Released in 1996
"Lady A" Released in 1997 received greatly on the college market.
"Joan Ice" Release coming soon!

Set List

Joan Ice's sets are usually performed by instrumental tracks. Most performances are solo however she is comfortable performing with live bands and dancers.