Joanie Beau  (Solo/duo or Band)

Joanie Beau (Solo/duo or Band)


"A Sensual Musical Stew" - Accomplished classical musicians with firm roots in rock'n and roll. A piano/guitar duo with magical sensitivity that excites audiences. Joan’s writing moves from the Americana - "Drive So Free", to the quirky Patti Smith- like rocker "Hudson". Jamming...they rock!


Mix a little of the jazzy Joni Mitchell, earlier rock style of Sting, Earthy Americana of K.D.Lang, new sound of Nora Jones, and the creativeness of Kate Bush
Well let's see what others are saying about the writing and performances of pianist/singer songwriter, Joan Bujacich..........Joanie Beau!

"In many ways, Bujacich represents what is best about indie artists: a dogged persistence and a passion for their craft. She takes a musical
approach that is difficult to pigeonhole, incorporating pop, jazz, classical, and rock influences into a sensual musical stew."

"Joan Bujacich has taken her many influences and made distinctive music that is clearly her own. Thanks to Tour Baby, she will get the opportunity to share it with us."
Dave Madeloni
(Vermont's Brattleboro Reformer-October 2, 2003.)

"I would describe your music very romantic, sensual, jazzy.........very much the music of today"

"The two of you play beautifully together"

"Wow amazing.... well what is interesting is to realize this is live, I thought I heard everything. Again intriguing new terrain covered in arrangement and orchestration."

Don Slepian host of Art Music Coffee House (Joan Bujacich & Joe Bilotti, live radio - September 22, 2003

"Joan Bujacich's CD A Fine Line has added such great quality music to my radio shows. This keyboardist/vocalist showcases her fine song writing on this outstanding release. It is a must have for any true music fan's collection."
Joe Kelly - WVOF 88.5 FM -Fairfield, CT

"Joan's voice has been compared to K.D.Lang, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Jewel and her song writing has been described as anything from a newer sounding Laura Nyro to Rickie Lee Jones and Sting with a little humor from Frank Zappa. More often, she has been labeled the new Carole King of the New Millennium. Her music is labeled as that of piano music, but not as lounge as Nora Jones. You might find her on the VH1 circuit, but if you see her on MTV then I wouldn't suggest playing her music."
-Modern Mark KSCU Radio Review

In this latest original project, Joan has been mainly performing as a duo with guitarist, Joe Bilotti. This dynamic duo has given many fine performances during the last 2-3 years. Joe is a seasoned musician who has toured the globe mainly with the popular Doors Tribute Band “Soft Parade”.

Together Joan and Joe have performed in the North Hampton Music Festival (Mass.), Local Voices (NJ) Charity events, New York City’s C Note & CB’s Gallery,and many local New Jersey original rooms. They also were part of the Moonlight Nights summer concert series in Montclair, NJ.

Live radio performances include NJ’s WNTI and Garage Radio hosted program “Art Music Coffee House”.

Joan also serves on the executive board of “TourBaby” and organized the last 2 NJ events bringing her band to the Stone Pony and her duo to the Tierney’s , NJ show and the Brattleboro Vermont show to perform.

Joan made a solo performance at the Cape Fear Song writing contest where she was warmly received and was a finalist.

The Joanie Beau -4 piece band has also performed in many NY/NJ original clubs including the C Note, The Triad, The Stone Pony, and the Soda Pop Shop.


Elusive Way

Written By: Joan Bujacich


Bottled up stories
Never been told
Faded from glory
Fresh and now old

And she can’t remember why she came back for more
was it for love or to settle the score

He runs and gets nowhere
Running in place
Busy like beugoise
Fallen from grace

He can’t let go and doesn’t know why
Makes up these differences , can’t help but try

He’s calling her name
He dreams she’s still there
He can’t place the blame
He can’t kiss her tears

He loves her in a most elusive way
He loves her in a most elusive way

Time is so hungry
it never sits still
it’s restless and reckless
and wears down your will

She was waiting, alone & exposed
Tempting the gods, cast into stone

She’s calling his name
He’s drawing her near
She loves just the same
She leaves behind years

She loves him in a most elusive way
She loves him in a most elusive way

Don’t let this love slip away from you
Don’t let this love slip away

Can’t see tomorrow
Lives day to day
Every step forward is heavy and frayed

And she sees love that is free and that shines
Lightens the burden
Eases the mind

She loves him in a most elusive way
She loves him in a most elusive way


Written By: Joan Bujacich


Life is a mess, supposed to be free
Don’t know what’s bugging me
Floyd’s up the coast, rain hitting hard
Driving down route 80, trucks drowning my car

I passed by your booth on my break
You looked up, cheese dripped from your face
Caught you off guard, still said hello
You look familiar, I don’t know

Didn’t eat dinner again, I’m singing ,
and playing and I’m done in
Drive home, angel by my side
Get in my room, I want to hide

Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Sometimes I cry out your name

Storms on it’s way, 5,4, now 3
Everyone evacuated, except me
Crowd in the bar, came out in the rain
They ate real late, I keep playing

Drove home hearing melodies
Still feeling melancholy
Alone in my bed, confused in my head
Overcome with this feeling, Better not said

Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Sometimes I fall to my knees

New love doesn’t call , four days in a row
Count down, goodbyes, final document you know
He’s in AA, therapy twice a week
One year tears , I still have to weep

Left my best friend, left my home
Left my cats, I’m on my own
Eyes cloudy, still can’t see
Where’s the vision initiated by me?

Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Sometimes I have to Pray

Storm passed, things fly by my head
Off to England, debris in my bed
People in boats driving down streets
The sun is bright and I’m on my feet

Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Sometimes an answer is heard


Written By: Joan Bujacich


Ai Ai Ai, Ai Ai Ah
Dance til the music is gone
Dance ‘til we light up the dawn
Dance with me

Ai Ai Ai, Ai Ai Ah
Touch til you can’t bare no more
endless nights that dreams are for
Dreams with you

Ai Ai Ai, Ai Ai Ah

We light up the sky
With the moon and the stars
And the rhythm embraced in our arms
we are night

Ai Ai Ai, Ai Ai Ah
Move ‘til your spirit is free
One with the sounds that sing with the sea
Waves calling us near

Ai Ai Ai, Ai Ai Ah
Dance ‘til your body is weak
‘til words have no use
there’s no need to speak

Light up the sky
With the moon and the stars
And the rhythm embraced in our arms
we are night

Ai Ai Ai, Ai Ai Ah

Dance til the music is gone
Dance ‘til we light up the dawn
Move ‘til your spirit is free
One with the sounds that sing with the sea

Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me


CD-Dress Of Dawn (released: 2000) Original music written and produced by Joan Bujacich. Recorded in BIOYA studio, West Paterson, NJ. nationwide airplay. High rankings MP3.
CD-A Fine Line (released: 2002) Original Music written and produced by Joan Bujacich. Recorded in IIWII Studio - Weehawken, NJ. Receiving nationwide airplay and charting on many indie stations.

Radio Play (Up to date listing on website)
WVOF-CT/WGDR-Goddard College,VT
Live 365-“Upper Room With Joe Kelly”
WTPS-WI (Charted top 20- 5 weeks)
Featured Artist:Independent Songwriters Web Magazine Best Female Artists
Over 10,000 MP3 Downloads/Ratings:NJ MP#
#2 - If You want Her - “Pop/Rock”
#2- Lovely Face- “Pop”
#15 - If You Want Her- “all Genres”
#16 - Let It Dance - “Smooth Jazz”
#17 - Step Out Of The Blue- “Pop”
#42 - Don’t Say A Word”- “Easy Listening”
#58 - Dress Of Dawn”-“Easy Listening”
“North America”/#24-”If You Want Her” -Rock

Set List

Depends on requirement of gig

Can do up to 2 hours of originals (Check out CD's)

Can do up to a full night (4 hours) of combination of originals and cover tunes

Cover tunes include songs from Neil Young, The Stones, Traffic, Bowie, Johnny Cash, Elton John, Lucinda Williams, Beatles, The Dead, and much more. Joe also has a great voice (in the style of Neil Young/Tom Petty but better), so we cover that sound really well and do some nice harmony work as well.