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Joanna Stryker

Band Christian Children's Music


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The best kept secret in music


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I have released 3 c.d's.
Heart beat++++++++contemporary classical

His love set me free***deep intimacy healing and worship. Christian contemporary
Bless you Jesus radio airplay

Jesus is what this nation needs++=Revival,spiritual warfare, uplifting music
What would it be like? radio airplay



The classical contemproary music as a influence of old European flavor. My influences is my upbringing which is Northern European. Somemusic as lots of scales, old pentatone scales and style, some music has a story to it done with notes like England has for childrens music. Influences Beethoven, Russian folk music.

Christian contemporary music has different styles reggae, New Orleans style, pop, rock and Contemporary.

The christian contemporary music has different styles. It is piano driven, but also lead guitar, rythmn guitar, keyboards, drums and percussions to enchance these songs. The style has a taste of latin, reggae, and contemporary. I loved the style of santanna in his music, but also like Bob Marley. There are also other influences, but those are the main. Some of these songs are about God's healing. God used music to bring healing in my life and He changed my life dramatically through His Word and prayer. I was in a severe car accident in 1991. I went to church all my life and knew GOd loved me, but really never accepted His love like I should. I listened to others what they said about me and what they thought about me instead of what God says about me. When I was life flighted to the trauma center I was praying to GOd if I was going to live with Him in eternity? I was young thought I was invincible before this time and never thought of death and realized I could die. I can't explain what I felt or what happened, but I never felt love like I did. It penterated so deeply into my soul and wanted to go home and let go. He knew what I was thinking and told me it wasn't my time yet. He told me He would heal me. I hung on to His promises. After going through years uncertainity God started healing me physically, spiriutally, and emotiolly. The doctors told me to stop singing after receiving surgeries on my jaw. I wasn't sure in the year 2000 if I would be able to even play piano anymore and GOd has been so faithful and continue to get stronger everyday.
The biggest healing was receiving HIs love that He loves me and those words of others were lies.
He also spared my son who was in the car accident who just had minor injuries. Songs are about healing, spiritual war, .

The contemporary classical is just music that bring me so close to GOd's goodness. My fingers worship God when I play and feel such a deep intimacy when I play. I am not sure who my influences are in this music and mostly when I write is memories of expierence with God when I was life flighted. I was raised here in U.s.A., but my family imgigrated from Europe and believe there could be some influences of my European decents.
when I play this music I go in a totally different place and feel like I am in heaven on this earth.
The children's musicals are cute little songs, but also the skits are biblical lessons about life how God would want us to live . The Christmas musicals about why Jesus came. They have characters and there is humor in them.