Joanna Wlodawer

Joanna Wlodawer

 Santa Cruz, California, USA

An original, refreshing mix of electronica and pop with catchy melodies and deep, passionate lyrics.


Joanna woke up one morning hearing voices in her head (Luckily, musical ones.) She decided it was her calling to present her songs to as many people as possible. Her next move was to put aside her chiropractic career and search for her musical soulmate. After a short stint with a tone deaf bass player and a mute recording engineer, she was introduced to Dee from Squeaky Door Studios. Instant kindred spirits. Both hyperactive, goal-driven, relentless insomniacs with the same musical dreams. They were both incredibly inspired by music from all genres and dedicated their days (and nights) to writing and recording their first album.

Besides music and chiropractic, Joanna has worked as a professional blackjack player, novelist, figure-roller skater and journalist. Academically, she has more degrees than a thermometer. These include Biology, Journalism and a Doctorate of Chiropractic.