Jo Ann Pusich-Silas

Jo Ann Pusich-Silas


I have written poetry, songs and a childrens book and a fiction book. I just need someone to believe in me as I believe in myself. My words are my soul, my heart is my passion, my life is yours!


I love to write, it is something that I have always been good at but never made it my profession. I write for the joy of it. It wouldn't be the same to write because my life depended on it. I write when the mood moves me . My feelings come to life on paper with ease. I started to write when I was 13 when I had my first heart break. That was a million heartaches ago. Now that I am getting old, my last wish would be to leave a part of me behind once I am gone from this earth. Something my kids can say with pride, Hey my mom wrote that. Something to be remembered by. That would be my wish.


I wrote a song for Bob Dylan but never sent it to him!