Jocelyn Alice

Jocelyn Alice

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Please enjoy our new music. We've kept it under wraps long enough. Produced by Stacy Jones and Bill Lefler at Death Star Studios in Los Angeles, ably assisted by Mozella and Lindsay Ray in writing songs with Jocelyn and the Band, we are very proud of it.



Candid and fearless, Jocelyn Alice has the voice of a popstar and the soul of a songwriter. Inspired by songstresses like Adele, Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone, Jocelyn’s soaring vocal ability and natural charm are sure to make her and the Monster Famous the newest sensation to hit the music scene.

A passionate songwriter, Jocelyn has written or co-written every track on their upcoming album, which will be released in early 2010. Her songs of personal experience, love and heartbreak, are relatable, straight up and full of soul.

Born in Calgary, Jocelyn grew up a closet singer, humming tunes and writing in her bedroom to pass the time. It was when tragedy hit and she lost a close friend in a car accident that she realized music was her ultimate escape. She began spending all of her free time writing music, perfecting melodies and sharing her gift of song at local gigs.

Jocelyn’s big break came when she was 17, when she was selected from 7,000 entries across Canada to compete on the reality television show POPSTARS. Jocelyn impressed both the fans and judges each week with her huge voice and charismatic performances. Her consistent performances got her far in the competition and she sang her way all the way to the final where she finished as a runner up.

Her experiences in the spotlight have motivated her to stay on course to realizing her dream of becoming a professional performing artist. For a year she fronted the band End of Oz, performing local gigs and mastering her stage presence, before breaking off from the group with bassist, Andy Bacsalmasi.

Jocelyn has spent the last year as a focused musician, honing her craft, working late nights with the band and preparing for what’s to come. 16 songs later, countless live performances, and a CD in the making--the sky is the limit for Jocelyn Alice and her band.


Chris Blood on guitar,
Andrew Bacsalmasi on Bass and
Spencer Cheyne on drums.

An expert guitar player, CHRIS BLOOD is inspired by musical greats like Stevie Wonder, Jamie Cullum, and Jimmy Page. Chris is a soccer player, chef, composer, writer, producer, and owns Bludrock Studios in Calgary. Visit with Chris on his site

Currently enrolled at the University of Alberta, ANDREW BACSALMASI has played with several bands and works as a studio musician. In 2007, he played bass on all the tracks for Donna Kay's award winning album "The Journey." He hooked up with Jocelyn Alice over a year ago and has co-written several of the tracks for the upcoming CD.

Playing several instruments since age four, SPENCER CHEYNE is the recipient of many music awards, grants and scholarships. Spencer has gigged on drums since he was 17 in trios, quartets and ensembles in every province from British Columbia to Ontario and has performed live on radio and TV with various bands. To date, at just 21, he has performed on five CDs as a violinist and six CDs as a drummer with two more CDs currently in production. Spencer is a graduate of Mount Royal University’s Music Performance program and currently teaches both violin and drums privately at his studio. He has never had a ‘real’ job, he has only worked in the music industry.


Debut CD is coming soon! Produced by Stacy Jones and Bill Lefter at Death Star Studios, Los Angeles. Being Mixed as we speak by Paul David Hager. These folks need no introduction.

Set List

Mostly original music, very few covers,
Sets are typically 45-1hr.
I'm Screwed
Brand new
Get your Clothes On
You Ain't in Charge
Hold on to me
Hurting is the best part
Lost in You
Heavy on the Heart
All in me
kristy Jean