jocelyn & lisa

jocelyn & lisa


Two girls. Two opposite worlds. Two story-tellers colliding.

jocelyn & lisa are not your typical pop/soul duo. They use the bass guitar and their voices to convey stories of joy and sorrow, strength and weakness. Their collective experiences of smoky clubs, music competitions, festivals and churches coupled with their honest songwriting and passionate performance create a show that penetrates the listener.


Two girls. Two opposite worlds. Two musical storytellers colliding.

Jocelyn Alice grew up in the world of music competitions—from small town fairs all the way to becoming runner up on Canada’s Pop Stars when she was sixteen. Lisa Jacobs grew up playing bass in her family band, at church, festivals and in smoke-filled bars. Although they developed as musicians in different worlds, their love, need and desire to tell a story through music was the same.

Jocelyn is a heartbreak hero. Her unique voice, fierce with passion, yet fragile with emotion, frees a story where all who listen are changed. After landing a publishing deal, her songs played on the hit shows One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars. Studio producers, Russell Broom and Mitch Lee, hired Jocelyn as a session vocalist to record songs for the hit movie Dear Santa, as well as for nation-wide commercials. She also recently shared the stage with Mos Def.
Lisa shares her story through song. The bass, guitar and piano serve as mediums for conveying love, brokenness, strength and joy. As a bassist, she has toured across North America and internationally. Her groove-ability in all styles solidified her reputation as a sought-after musician. She has shared the stage with Bedouin Soundclash, Theory of a Deadman, Los Lobos, Emerson Drive and many others.
Individually, jocelyn & lisa developed solid careers in the music industry but in 2011, they decided to collaborate. Within months, a growing fan base requested more. December 2012 marked the release of “Weary Warrior“?, which charted #2 and #5 on CJSW Radio and they were featured artists on CBC Radio, CTV, Shaw TV, Global TV and City TV. Debut single “Preach“? was selected for The Beatdrop Remix Competition (SoundCloud, Ableton and Red Bull). The Calgary Herald, The Calgary Metro, Avenue Magazine, SoundCloud and various blogs and websites have written numerous articles on this uniquely talented duo.

In addition to playing live shows, they were featured in the “Crave“? documentary by LA filmmaker and best-selling novelist, Erwin McManus. “Open Wide” from this album is featured in the documentary, “1000 Days” by award-winning director, Jeth Weinrich (Jann Arden, Chantal Kreviazuk, 54-40), who has also produced a music video for the song. In April 2013, jocelyn & lisa were featured in the “Right Here“? Destination Calgary video (a commercial promoting Calgary around the world).

Recent performance highlights include the TransCanada Alberta Music Series and live concert rotation on Shaw TV for the Stampede Sessions.

The music they create embodies the ongoing parallels in their lives – much light/much darkness, much love/much hurt, abundant mistakes/extravagant grace, desperate brokenness/undeniable strength. Songwriting, storytelling and passionate performance are packaged into a unique sound-blend of pop, soul, reggae and funk. jocelyn & lisa have an undeniable chemistry that permeates the music and penetrates the listener.



Written By: jocelyn & lisa

I said hey preacher man
I got a problem
I haven't seen you in so long

I said hey preacher man
I got a problem
I haven't seen you in so long

I said come give me a hand
I need a real man
Not someone who's gonna follow

I got somewhere to be
So don't go fooling me
Like someone you're trying to father
I said hey preacher man
I don't understand
Why sometimes I even bother

Hey preacher, preacher preacher man
Come teach me what you can
Hey preacher, preacher preacher man
Don't scold me when I'm bad

Oh, preacher man
I have been falling
Into the abyss of us
And now I'm wondering
How will you find me
After all the sin I've been in


I said hey preacher man
I got a problem
I haven't seen you in so long

Sweet & Sour

Written By: jocelyn & lisa

Go and get it
It must be something sweet
But don't you forget
She'll go sour just like me
Finding your trouble
Is filling you too deep
Didn't you just wanna give her a try
I know I need to go get me mine

I never needed it anyway
I never needed the shame
Of loving to hate
All the love that we made
And I can taste the flavor
Fading into change
And I won't blame it on you

You don't deserve it
So why am I still here?
You were never worth it
Don't you go haunting me
With your memory
This is all I fear

Sips of goodness
They will never be enough
Swallow me down into your good stuff
Finding your freedom
Is throwing you too deep
Didn't you just wanna give her a night
I know I need to go get me mine

I never needed it anyways
I never needed the games
Of loving to hate
All the love that I gave
And I can taste the flavor
Fading into change
And I won't blame it on you


I know I know I know I know
I have nothing to lose
I know I know I know I know
I have everything to choose
I never ever really needed it
I'm seeing all of the bull****
Is you


Open Wide

Written By: jocelyn & lisa

I've closed my eyes
One million times
And there you are again
Dragging me into the beginning
Been broken twice
But that's alright
You've always had me
And I'm embarrassed to admit it

How many times do I say goodbye
Before I'll know you're gone?
How many lies do I have to hide
To be satisfied?

You've read my mind
Right every time
Knowing you're after me
Doesn't distract me while I'm in it
I'll say I'm fine
But I've been my shadiest alibi
Struggling out of every minute


How many more days will I waste
Until I'll forget your face
Holding me back from my heart
Breaking into crumbs
Of what I thought were love

I've given more of myself
For the same old mistakes
I've always made
Our memory is relentlessly
Guilting me into want to stay
I've lost a little more
Than the things I was sure
Could take your place


I open wide and I'm alone again


"Weary Warrior" - Released December 2012

Set List


Come Catch Me
Give Up The Good Girl
I Lied
Miss You
Never Get Enough
Open Wide
Soldier For Life
Sweet & Sour
Toppling Tower
Up So High
Watching You


American Boy - Estelle
Crazy Love - Van Morrison
Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding
Ex-Factor - Lauryn Hill
Fallin’ - Alicia Keys
Make You Feel My Love - Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, Adele
Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
Ragga Muffin - Selah Sue
Rolling In The Deep - Adele
Somebody That I Used To Know - Gyote
Something In The Water - Brooke Fraser
The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
Turn Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
You Belong to Me - Carla Bruni