Jocelyn Menard

Jocelyn Menard


Carribean Jazz music with a bleusy sound. Music for listening and dancing if you want to.


Somewhere in between Guadeloupe and North
America, Jocelyn Menard introduces us to
Gwanada. An incredible mixture of Caribbean
rhythms and harmonies comes to life with the so
specific sound of North American bop and blues.
The musicians, each very well accustomed to this
encounter and atmospheres, nurture this
adventure on their talent, personal touch and
human warmth. This special warmth, which
reminds us that music is not only about listening…
It is also a heart awakening!


Album's : Trio Guanada / Men Art Work's.
Song's mor popular passed in radio : Blues for Sosso

Set List

1.Terre Mère ( Le réveil / Eclosion / Intempérie )
3.An Nou Allé
5.En Marchant
6.Zouk Mania
8.New Life
9.New Blues
10. Les Tourteraux

The band play in general 3 sets of 45 min, but if it's for a festival we play a 1h30 to 2h show.

We dont play cover