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Jo-DBL...lyrically driven, swagger filled, boom-bap, soul music. //


Jo-DBL wrote his first rhyme not to boast or brag, but instead to simply rid himself of a few demons. It was from these initial impromptu, nevertheless impassioned scribblings that a life long music fan would begin his transition to a writer and artist.

Jo grew up on the Westside of Atlanta in Mableton, Georgia. While spending most of his time engulfed in music, both listening and writing, it wasn’t until his third year of school in Statesboro, Georgia at Georgia Southern University that Jo’s lifelong passion was realized. Inspired by a few of his friends from high school that had begun to obtain some notoriety on the underground hip-hop scene in Atlanta, Jo decided it was time to return home and try to polish his craft and make some noise of his own.

Upon returning to Atlanta, Jo made the acquaintance of producer/beatmaker Joby One, and began to record demos under his nickname Jo Double (which was later shortened to Jo-DBL). These early demos resulted in Jo’s first compilation of music titled “BBQ’s & Yardsales”. While working as a warehouseman during the day, Jo independently released the concept album “The Blue Collar E.P”. As the result of Jo-DBL's blue collar work ethic to promote this indie-release, he was invited to play several music festivals around the southeast, from the Florida Music Festival to the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans.

It was around the time that "The Blue Collar E.P." was out that Jo was informed of the tragic death of his friend, and early musical inspiration, ATL's own Nyoo. Trying to salvage something positive out of this horrific situation, Jo-DBL channeled the anger and frustration he felt for this loss and focussed it into an increased passion for his music.

The next album released was the Jimi Hendrix influenced promotional only release “The Jo-DBL Experience”. As a longtime fan, Jo was reluctant to sample some of Mr. Hendrix classics, however the end result was an album that received rave reviews and was played on radio stations throughout the U.S., Japan, and the UK. This kind of self created buzz garnered the attention of several major label A&R's, but for the time being, Jo-DBL continues to release his music independently.

This consistent stream of music continued with the release of the self-produced “Dollar Bills and Paper Coasters”, the Jo-DBL, Joby One, and Tariq L (Akon, Hemisphere) produced “The Jo-DBL Experience 2”, and the Jo-DBL Executive Produced “Mableton’s Finest Mixtape”, and most recently, the highly anticipated "Write Wrongs".

Along the way, Jo has been privileged to play with some of the best artists at some of the best venues across the country: from the House of Blues in New Orleans to the Apache Café and Lenny’s Bar in Atlanta.

To this day, Jo continues to find a release and escape within his music, and he recognizes that the exorcism of his demons may keep his pen scribbling for quite some time.


Releases (new to old, all indie releases):

Write Wrongs (LP)
Mableton's Finest Mixtape (LP)
The Jo-DBL Experience 2 (EP)
Dollar Bills and Paper Coasters (LP)
The Jo-DBL Experience (EP)
The Blue Collar EP
BBQ's and Yardsales (EP)

Jo-DBL is currently receiving support and airplay from various college and digital DJ's and is showcased on several compilations and mixtapes.

Set List

Jo-DBL's sets are usually 20 to 30 minutes long, which is generally about 7 to 9 songs. In the past, I've been accompanied by a DJ, and/or a guitarist, and/or another emcee or singer, OR...just my stanking ass. Basically, I try to keep it energetic and entertaining. Some recent songs I've performed are "Raise Your Drinks Up", "Albino Mack", "Lets Ride", and "How We Move".