BandRockClassic Rock

An intense collection of original music, the sound is impressively inventive and combines the style and emotion of early rock such as Zep, Beatles, Doors, and Elton. A uniform reverberation of perfection.


The members of Jodeare not just part of a
single musical group, but are instead part of a
whole new artistic generation. Each member
strives to articulate - through music and other
art forms - the experience of living and
participating in this new millennium.

It is hoped that a new musical and spiritual emotion will be inspired and produced in the
crowds and venues in which Jode plays. Jode believes very firmly in…

. Spirituality
. Change
. Movement
. Power
. Love
. Experience
. Sensuality

With every performance, Jode makes every
effort to provide a time and place for people to
explore themselves, contemplate their world,
and get free from everything that holds them
down. Stated simply, Jode’sgoal is to allow
people be completely enveloped in musical

Past Venues Played Include:

- Starland Ballroom
- The Stone Pony
- The Saint
- Snitch
- Roadhouse
- Freehold Township Benefit for Tsunami Relief
- Chubby’s
- Monmouth university


-Wake up tomorrow
-Cigarettes, sex, and incense
-my style
-holy tail
-Don’t you let me down
-Little miss Fever
-Corinthian leather
-lets go crazy
-celebrate the earth
-let me die
-Dream Catcher