Jodi Ann

Jodi Ann


Hello! My Name Is Jodi Ann. I am a songwriter from Nashville,TN. I have been writing music since I was12 years old. I came through a rough childhood and somehow I managed my feelings in music. I have led a full life with hardly a dull moment.


Some of my musical influences came from the wonderfull soul of Dolly Parton. She has such a way with words. Allison Krauss, Reba McEntire, and Lorrie Morgan Have also played a major role in my music.

I met a wonderful man and he lit a fire inside me to get some of my things on cd. Rick Finney, best known as Jonny Cash's left hand, has helped shape my music.

Jodi Ann -The Beginning, is my first album. I have songs from my heart, as well as toe tappin' kick ass country songs! Rick and I are starting work on the second album in a couple of weeks. We pretty much already know what songs to include. It's going to ROCK! If you are a country artist, who is looking for some great material for your next cd, Please check out music. Ill be in the studio again in late March to begin work on the second album.
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Second Chances

Written By: Jodi Ann

Second Chances

second chances and romances
are few and far between
but sometimes our dreams do come true
second chances with no fences
let your guard down in love
make it better than we used to do

And I know And I swear
I'll give you all of me
I need you here
it's no fun being free

I never believed It would happen
Must be grace sent to us
after all our lonely lives
and after all the many times
after all those empty nights
We finally found love

second chances second glances
I saw the past unwind
in the distance our dreams did come true
didn't know it didn't show it
what we had is what I need
in my life are these memories of you

And I know And I swear
I'll give you all of me
I need you here
it's no fun being free

second chances yeah

Restless Heart

Written By: Jodi ANn

Restless Heart

You been waiting for love to come
yet you don't believe in love
not content or satistfied
you wonder why
You cant find what you want or need
you been wanderin aimlessly
Baby I hear your plea
so please hear me

A restless heart is a lonely heart
goin to extremes but not too far
Well you can;t find peace
You wont find love
So wacha gonna do
with your reastless heart

You're in his arms and dancin closer
smiling at him yet looking over his shoulder
Pretendin to be mystified
I know you tried
You cant find what you want or need
You're still wanderin aimlessly
Thinkin that love is just a dream
if you could only see That a


You've always dreamed
of settling down
but you gotta play straight
'stead of playin around


Jodi Ann / Rick Finney -BMI


Jodi Ann -The Beginning