Jodie Curtis

Jodie Curtis


Creative well crafted songs written in all styles and genres. We have spent our lives exploring the craft of songwriting and then forgetting everything we know. From Alt-country, to pop to Bossa Nova - we don't let genres stand in our way. We try it all!


Jodie Curtis has spent her life writing songs - she has worked with various independent artists - which has given her experience in all types of genres. The artists include - Caroline Horn, NYC - TS Baker, ME and Peter Black, ME and Jimmy Landry, NC

Bill Benoit has been writing and playing his entire life. He has been in and fronted bands in Boston over the years including The Lines, Lounge 2000 and The Dcuktape Messiahs. He has now ventured into writing and recording his original songs.

Jodie and Bill met during the RPM Challenge - the challenge was to write AND record an album worth of songs in the month of February. Jodie wrote with the band The Black Cats - and Bill with The Road Cases - they successfully met the challenge and each other! They are now colaborating - writing, recording and pitching songs. Their catalog is vast and varied - and will be increasing in all styles and genres.


The Letter

Written By: Bill Benoit

I barely got the keys in
When I heard something hit the floor
I picked it up and read it
Didn't think to close the door
It said that you were leaving
It said that we were through
I guess I can't go on believing
What I suspected what was untrue
I should have known better
And done what I had to do
Instead you wrote me the letter
that I should have written you

And then I heard the echo
That 2 feet make in an room
The floor seemed kind of naked
As I reached for the broom
These dusty silhouettes you left here
Will all too soon disappear
Not a lot left to tempt me
And my shelves are all empty
Oh, Except for an old sweater
The empty jewel case for Blue
The space that use to be between us
and this letter here from you

My oh my - hope springs eternally
Now I aint blind
I guess I just refused to see
That it's all about the winning
And being first to cross the line
I guess I am only now beginning
To realize that I
Gave one too many chances
To your heart, now it's a crime
The way this letter it just dances
and the empty space you left in mine
Ohhh say it'll get better
I am not so sure that it's true
Everytime I read the letter
That I should have written you
You wrote me the letter
That I should have written you
You wrote me the letter
That I should have written you