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Jodie Gladen


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I Believe In Heaven

Written By: Jodie Gladen, Gary Gladen

(Verse 1)

His face had no expression his eyes filled with pain,
An old worn out pair of army greens that said Miller was his last name,
And his voice was kind of broken when he began to tell,
A story of a young man that just got back from hell

He said I never was the believing kind but I have changed my mind,
When I sat there holding my best friends hand when combat took his life,
many of soldiers have took a stand and many soldiers fell,
Now I believe in heaven because I just got back from hell

(Verse 2)
He said the bullets were flying when the birds came in and night time turned to day,
You could here my best friend whisper and then I heard him say,
If we both make it until tomorrow Lord knows will never be the same,
And those words seemed to echo as I watched him fade away

(repeat chorus)

His face had no expression his eyes filled with pain