Jodi Griffith

Jodi Griffith

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

A combination of new tech pop, rock, and alternative all wrapped up in one! Her influences are a genre of artists ranging from Avril Lavigne all the way up to Yes! Music that has something to say and emotional hooks are displayed in her songs.


The release of her 2nd CD, I Believe, Jodi focuses on the common experiences that we all have in life. I Believe is bonded together with the common thread of deep, message-filled lyrics. Jodi believes in doing good to help people get past their fears and accomplish satisfaction in their lives. Jodi says, "I believe my songs are a therapeutic outlet for all ages." Here is a little insight into what Jodi's songs are about.

Jodi Griffith is an artist that likes to help people through her work in her songs. She always has something to say regarding worldly issues. "Where's Kacie Now" is a song about a child caught in the middle of a divorce as her parents use her as a negotiating toy. "Jaded" is a song that deals with repetitions of our daily lives. Do you hate your job or do you hate staying home with the kids day after day? When you do the same thing day after day this can become jaded.

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Where's Kacie Now

Written By: Jodi Griffith

When I met her
She was only eight years old
I used to watch her overnight
She was dragged around from house to house
She was the prize in the fight

Her mother never married
But she wanted it all from him
The boat, the beach house
She like her wine and never gave in at all

Where's Kacie now?
Wonder if she has fixed those broken bones
Divorce, addiction, or loneliness
Could these be her only goals?

I got into her little scene of greed
Her dad was kind of over the top
Rich, stuck-up right -wing woman that she was
Money was his only God

Custody battle...they couldn't get their own way
Now did they ever think at all
What it means to Kacie
That Kacie should have a say


Where's Kacie now?
Has she gone away to fly?
Will she ever learn the secret's to the sky?

Where's Kacie now?
Will I see her someday?
Hope she's not poisoned by the things happened to her when she was young



I Believe (LP)
There's Only One You (LP)

Set List

Mostly original tunes with some cover tunes
I Believe, Break My Heart, Erased From The Memory, Sacrifice, Jaded, Undiscovered, I'll Always Be Young, Holding Me Hostage, She Can't Be Friends, Butterflies, Where's Kacie Now?, Free
Various Cover Tunes